Kingdom of Darkness

How can you chose between those you love? Let me help; Two of them decided to send you to death games to kill the one who is your one and only. Then all you can do is fight for your last love.


2. ~The game start~

"Are you ready my dear?" I spit at her face.I  was not her dear. She wasen't even my mother. She was that foul evil littel cockroach who married dad and became queen. Then dad gave us and mom away and we where taken. Mom was killed. "I am not your dear!" She frowend. "That is no way to talk to your mother!" She smiled. "Now say sorry!" I spit again. "You are not my mother. My mother is dead because of you!" She laughed. He blond smoothe hair waving."The town doesent know that. Only you, your father and sister know that. An i intend to keep it that way." She spit out the last word. "Today is one of the many training days for the games." She sat down next to me. I glared her with eyes that would kill. "Why don't tou just kill me now?" I asked. "That's boring. I wan't to see you and your sister fight till the death. It's much more interesting." She laughed. "Now i will unlock you and my gaurds will make sure you get dressed and equipted. Than you can see you sister again. Try anything and your sister gets the punishment." She caresed my check and walked out. Her dress flowed in the movement of her body. The gaurds taken by her beuty that they did all the could to make her love them. Fools. Two guards came in. "My oh my a pretty littel woman." I spit at the dark one who said it. He pulled out a whip and whipped me across the face. smac.  It stunned me for a few seconds while they unlocked me. They lead me past the other cells until we reached my sisters. I smiled with great joy when i was her. She smiled too. I wanted to say something but we understood fine without words. They led us at a room inside where to sets of the same clothes and bows and arrows. "Get dressed and come back out." The black one ordered. He pushed us in. Then he closed the door. "I can't belive how happy i am to see you!" I said while we hugged. "I missed you so much se said tears in her voice. "Lets get dressed and get this over with."  She nodded. We put on our clothes in silence.  We knocked on the door and the guards stepped threw. "Go forward." They said. And so we did. There where to ropes on each side of the door. They each pulled with unbelivabled strength till the doors opened. We gave each other a short look  and as soon as we got under the door they let go. BOth our reflexes acted fast and we caught the door and pushed it up again. The guards nodded. "That was the first test. You both pass. Take this as a warning for what you meet the next few days will kill the unwise." He laughed an evil laugh. 



Info: The sister you have been readin so far is Kirah. This one is Krahna



I looked over at my sister. This was already tough considering we had been locked up in a cell for months. I knew she was thinking the same. "Lets go" I said. We walked out into a sandy arena. With people of the kingdom gathered on all the seats. Cheering, booing, hissing. The queen Crimson. Or like i called her: The cockroach. Got up from her seat and shouted over the crowd.  "Ladies and Gentelman. This is the training round of the first anual death games. This time it is with two completly selfwillingly contestants. They don't know each other but are ready to fight to win the prise. Last man standing wins. Immortality. Let the training begin!


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