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1. How To Enjoy Christmas!!!

To enjoy christmas is you to buy christmas present from all different shops.

It won't be christmas without a PARTIE!!! You need to buy Christmas food , sweets and all Chrismasy things.

The first thing you must all do on christmas day is to open all your presents and say thanx to your mum and dad for your presents.


Are you perhaps considering not celebrating this year because it is just too stressful? Many of us have felt like that at one time or another - some of us unfortunately feel like that every year. We can spend too much money and often feel like we have too many demands, coming from every direction, being made of us. Christmas is a lot more fun when we let ourselves enjoy it. It becomes a lot more fun for the people around us too. Would you like to enjoy Christmas more this year?

Here are 8 Ways to enjoy Christmas more this year:

 Don't get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas. Decide to celebrate Christmas on your own terms this year. Go back to the basics - go back to your reason for celebrating. Your friends and family will appreciate whatever you offer this year, if it comes from your heart. You might even start a new tradition.

 Do the things that give you the most pleasure and joy. Make a list of the things you enjoy about the holidays and concentrate on doing those. Anything that does not give you pleasure, try to get out of doing it or reconsider if it is something you even need to do. When we do what brings us joy - we can more easily bring joy to others. People don't feel much joy flowing from us when we are all stressed out.Do things to pamper yourself over the holidays. When we take the time to pamper ourselves, we become more centered and have so much more to give. Why not write out all the ways that you would enjoy pampering yourself now?

 Visualize how you would like the holidays to go. Write out and/or visualize in detail exactly how you want it to look and feel. The more you write, think about and visualize your perfect Christmas, the more accurate your actual Christmas will be to this picture you have created.

 Do as many things as you can early. It can be more enjoyable to spread things out rather than running a marathon. Start now. Shop now. Every time you go out to shop, stop somewhere along the way for a special coffee or something to treat yourself (pampering). Wrap now. Then just before Christmas you will feel so much more relaxed instead of pressured and stressed by what still needs to be done.

 Listen to soothing music and watch funny shows because they put us in a good mood. When we are in a good mood that spreads to those around us. It also helps us ward off others bad moods!

Take shortcuts. Does it really matter if everything is home made? Does it matter if you have ten types of cookies? Does it matter if your Christmas display is elaborate? Perhaps it is more important to be relaxed enough to enjoy visiting with family and friends.

 Plan something fun to do the week after Christmas so that you don't feel any post Christmas let down. Plan to go to an event, take a little trip, or plan a get together with friends.

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