Human or vampire?

The 16 year old Mikaela has just moved to the city, Jamestown, Virginia. But she didn't want to go, but her mom forced her because her dad had just got a new job there. She's starting on the new High School in Jamestown, she is not treated well, cause everyone hates her, but there is one who want's to be her friend, and they become friends for life, until the day Mikaela meets the new boy who starts in school. He's name is Caleb and he is very mysterious. There's also another boy called, Justin, who's always following Mikaela. Mikaela starts to get feelings for them both, but when she gets closer to Caleb, she finds out the truth about him, that he didn't wanted her to know. Now, who will she choose, when she finds out the truth about Caleb? Human or vampire?


1. Prologue

Why me? Why the fuck me? Now I have to choose between a human being and an vampire! I love them both very much but why do I have to choose! Why am I not afraid of Caleb? He's a vampire for Gods sake! I SHOULD be afraid of him, but I'm not! I don't understand it! Well I've gotta choose, so I choose.........  

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