The Beast Of Mykonos

I Wrote This At School And It Is Basically About A Mythical Ledgend Who Has To Go And Fight A Beast.


2. Stop

 Three weeks later Rodicon was still pondering on what to do. Then he finally decided to go on the quest to save the kingdom's ships. He was about 1 day into his journey when he thought that something wasn't right so he stopped to figure it out. He was stood in the same spot for about 15 minutes when a massive puff of black cloud appeared in front of him. “I am your Uncle Hemus and I have sent you the wrong way to make you fail!!!Yes the opposite direction Ha,ha,ha!Now you only have 3 days to complete this challenge.” Poof,he was gone. Rodicon was now very confused. He had no idea why his uncle didn't want him to complete this challenge. He thought his uncle wanted him to be happy as he was doing this challenge to make the love of his life believe that he was a true warrior. So now Rodicon knew he had to go in the opposite direction so he set off.              He had been walking for about 5 hours when he heard a little voice on his shoulder “Rodicon don't be afraid its only me your goddess Phoebieus,I am here to help you.”she whispered. “In front of you I have placed several gifts to help you kill this beast they include roller blades to speed up your journey and a backpack which includes all of the things that you will need to fight Beahiffe. Good luck and I shall see you shortly.” So Rodicon picked up the gifts and placed the roller blades on his big long feet and the back pack on his back and carried on with his journey.1 day had gone past and Rodicon was nearly at the centre of Mykonos where Beahiffe was waiting for him.

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