December Days

A collection of events throughout December


3. Cold and Cosy

“Embrace it,” someone once said about winter. It was actually a man on the train. He saw me reading an article in the Evening Standard about how summer was the most romantic month. He peered over my shoulder and went, ‘Its nots true you know.’. To be honest, I was a little shocked, thats not how we do it in England. Sure enough, we’re the nosiest bunch, but it we always are very closed. But I was interested to hear what he had to say. I had been completely won over by this article, I agreed with it absolutely. Summer drives, long warm evenings, ice creams, how could winter possibly compete with this? So I turned to him, and asked him to go on.

“Can’t you see? Look at that picture there in the paper for instance. That man, hunky bod, that woman, short shorts, how do you expect passers by to keep their eyes from wondering when theres such eye candy in the summer. Men and women struggle to keep their minds from wondering when theres so much on display. But in winter however, you tuck away, find little coffee shops with a good friend, a lover, and you meet eyes over your steaming drink, you listen to each other without being distracted. You fall in love with one another, rather than just lusting after each other. You make a best friend, rather than a flakey friend. So this winter, embrace it.”

I unlocked the door to my creaky apartment. I had not been able to stop thinking about what this rather abrasive man had said to me. I couldn’t fault him, he was right. Tonight was particularly cold. I had a look on the BBC and it forecasted that the temp wouldn’t be above 3C tonight. I looked at my phone, and decided to call my friend who I hadn’t spoken to since she arrived back from her 3 months traveling. She didn’t live far from me and I used the excuse of the cold evening to ask her around for a cup of my secret homemade hot chocolate. She loved the idea and was at mine in all but 10minutes. We put on big socks and sunk in to my big pillows in the sitting room, with the just the dim light of the lamps and our super decadent hot chocolate made with real chocolate, cream and marshmallows no less. It was the perfect way to catch up, we were up for hours, despite having uni the next day, catching up on all of her travels. We embraced winter and all its qualities and it made our evening as special as it was. Thank you man on the train. I will remember that when it gets cold, get cosy.

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