December Days

A collection of events throughout December


4. An excuse to get close

This is more for the boys, girls if you get the excuse to exercise this winter privilege, please go for it, but boys heres a way to charm a girl. At least its a way I was charmed.

There are so many enchanting books stores in London. Open your eyes and explore if you haven’t found one get. I was browsing around one of my favorites, its fairly dim in there and it has a few tables if you want to sit and have a coffee or a tea. I had my clumsy blue glasses on, slightly wonky because of the countless times I had forgotten to put them back in their box, and frankly because they were pretty cheap altogether. My face was right up close to bookshelves, trying to decipher the book titles in the little light that there was. It was already dark and only just 16.00. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get used to it getting dark so early, I was on a mission to find an excellent novel to entertain me on these dark evenings. Sure I had a huge lists of books that I intended to read and catch up on, but books stores are so addictive, I was always hunting for new ones. This was a great store as well, so many second hand, super cheap books. I must have looked as though I was struggling a bit, and from behind me I was heard, “Can I help you?”.

I knew this boy, he was on a few of my courses and upon recognising him I could feel myself getting flustered. “Uh, oh, no don’t worry about it, I’m just having a look”


“I recognise you from a few of my classes, I’m Josh.”


“Hi, yeah we are in some of the same classes. I’m Sophie.”

“I didn’t mean to disturb you there but we’re just closing up. Gets a little quiet on Sunday afternoons so we close at 16.00.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realise, I’ll head off then.”

“Well yeah, cool. Actually, hold on one sec.”

He ran to the back of the shop, said something to his colleague, grabbed his coat and was by the door. “I’m leaving too now so if you’re walking to the tube, I’ll walk with you.”

I was heading to the tube, but deary me I thought it was going to be awkward. What were we going to talk about, our course? That’d be so dull if we did! I panicked a little, and the words just started flooding out. I was feeling a little self conscious. I’d just hopped out of my sleepy apartment, hair in a bun, glasses on, and hadn’t expected to see anyone. But I guess, I was trying to compensate by talking so much so that it wouldn’t be awkward. It would only be about a 10minute walk to the tube, I could get through this.

I want to say it was the cold and that was why he put his arm around me. But really I know, its was because I wasn’t concentrating as I was blabbing away and I had walked straight out into the middle of traffic. He quickly put his arm around me and rushed me to the other side of the road. But in that instant, I had instantly felt myself warm up, right from the inside. I must have blushed a little, because he looked at me without saying anything for a minute. “Sorry about that, you just walked in to the middle of the road.”

Ah I felt silly, “Sorry, yeah, I can be a real klutz sometimes. Thanks though.”

“No not at all. Right, I’m jumping on the central line, see you in class sometime.”

“Cool see you later.” I had to catch the central line too, but I let one train go before I got on, so Josh could go ahead. I was a little flustered by everything that had just happened, and just didn’t want to risk something silly happening again, like getting stuck in the ticket barrier, something I do all the time. So I thought was best to leave it.

But that was it really. The seed was planted, simply by him putting his arm around me that one time. I couldn’t help think how nice is was to have someone to wrap up in. So if you’re feeling cold, take the chance to come to together, use these freezing days as an excuse to get close. Share a hug, or a cuddle, and you never know what might come from it...

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