Poetry and Descripted Short Stories

A collection, of Poetry and Short Stories I wrote.


5. Protection of the Unicorn

The trees reached for the Heavens,
Their arms outstretched,
Unbelievable beauty,
Like from an sketch.

But between the trees,
Walked perfection,
Or the closest thing,
Like a true reflection.

Snow like fur,
A long flowing mane,
Crystal and blue,
Just like the rain.

Hooves made of silver,
And a heart of gold,
They were never real,
In the Legends of old.

And even so,
How could I believe,
That pure beauty,
Was right in front of me.

Her gentle nature,
Showed in her grace,
She walked towards me,
How could I brace.

She stopped next to me,
Looked at my face,
Nodded her head,
And left at her pace.

I will never forget,
Or dare tell,
Hers is a purity,
People would sell...
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