Poetry and Descripted Short Stories

A collection, of Poetry and Short Stories I wrote.


4. Inner Beauty

Why do we judge? It's inhuman, and all together, wrong. Why do so many people think we all have to look the same. Tanned skin, high hairdos, and short skirts that barely cover our asses. Why? We are all different. And when people stop and come to realise that, they will finally know. That they were once blind, they could only see the foundation. They can't stop and maybe see that we don't want to be like that. We want to look different. Who cares if our skin doesn't look smooth or a constant colour. And who cares if we're a tomboy, I like being different. I like to be known as something all the chavs hate. Cause that's how I feel about them. So why would I want to be like them?
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