Kit Kat Paddywack

Charlie is a young woman following her dreams as a jockey when her favorite racehorse is bought by the Ivanov family. When she decides to follow him across the country, she learns that the new owners are more than they seem.


1. Kit

My father always said that I had a shard of horse pulsing through my veins. I worked earnestly when I was in the ring, and was happiest when I was within arm's reach of a horse. Their scent clung to me, no matter how many showers I took, and I didn't mind. Horses were my life.

That fact didn't change when I graduated from high school. Instead of moving on to college, as my parents had planned, I took up a job at the local racetrack, my eyes set on becoming a jockey.

I was the proper size, just shy of 105 pounds, and only barely reaching five feet in height. The trainers recognized my special bond with the horses quickly. I seemed to harmonize more with the horses than I could with other people. One trainer, Josh Gresham, decided to try me out.

My first race, I got third place. Be it beginner luck, a great horse, or a natural talent, I soon became a popular jockey in my town. Almost every race, the horse and I recieved either second or third, with an occasional first. With more training, I soon was getting first place more and more, and my fame grew.

Then one day, I met Kit Kat Paddywack. He had a beautiful white coat and was tall, for an Arabian, standing at 15 hands. I instantly fell in love with him.

Our first race together, we won by ten lengths. The way we raced, it seemed like I was riding on air.

Kit soon became my favorite horse. We won almost every time, and even when we didn't we came in at a close second. As we grew closer, we became faster and faster, stronger and stronger. I loved every minute of it.

But then Kit was sold.

"I'm sorry, Charlie." Josh told me, sympathy in his eyes. "The owners were getting tired of the horses, and the Ivanov familry offered them a good price for the horses."

"But they're all the way out in Nebraska! And horses aren't things that can be sold on a whim!" I snarled, clenching my hands into fists. "That's just stupid!"

"I know, Char." The man sighed. "Don't shoot the messenger."

I deflated, feeling remorseful. "Sorry, Josh. I just find this whole thing stupid."

"It's okay, kid. I understand." Josh's smile didn't quite reach his eyes. "Kit is leaving in about three months. There are four races that he's still going to be in. Would you finish this whole affair on a high note?"

I sighed dejectedly. "Yes. I'll miss him."

Josh ruffled my short amber hair. "We all will, kid. We all will."
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