The one you love is closer than you think.

Ella and Nathan are childhood friends, but then Nathan moves away to LA, and they lose contact.
7 years later they meet again, and become close. Will they fall in love? or hate each other?


4. You gonna stay the whole summer?

..."oh okay. But why haven't you writting me a letter?" I ask. "I don't know Ella, but does it matter? I mean we are together now." Nathan says and smiles. "I guess no" I say. "Why are you in L.A?" He asks. "My sister and I are here for the summer. You remember Brooklyn?" I ask. "Yeah, so you are here for the WHOLE summer?" He asks. "Yup. But it haven't been that much fun yet, I know nobody here. And Brook aren't home because she's trying to get a dance job." I say. "Well you know me bebe, I'll show you some fun" he says smoothly. I roll my eyes at him. "pff" I say. "No seriously I mean it I wanna be with you this summer, if you want to" he says. "Of course I want to be with you" I say and smile. Nathan smiles too "Awesome, but i have to go now, so here's my number" He says and write his number in my phone." Okay, thanks" I say." I'll text you, when I get home" says Nathan." Okay Cya" I say.

Nathan start running again. "Come Sammy lets go" I say to Sammy, and we walk.

When I got home, nobody was home. I ate some food. It was too good wather to be inside, so I took a book and went outside in the garden.

When Brooklyn came home, she came out to me in the garden. "What up lil' sis?" Brook ask and give me a weird hug from behind. "not much...oh I bumped, like litterly bumped, into Nathan today" I say. She looks at me with big eyes. "Nathan? Nathan MaCane? Your Nathan?" She asks. "hehe yeah my Nathan, we bumped into each other in the park today" I say. "wow really? It's been like 7 years or so" She says. "Yeah I know it was so good to see him again" I say.

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