The one you love is closer than you think.

Ella and Nathan are childhood friends, but then Nathan moves away to LA, and they lose contact.
7 years later they meet again, and become close. Will they fall in love? or hate each other?


1. L.A baby

Ella's point of view

"Ella, are you sure you're ready to go to LA on your own?" my mom says. "ugh!! mom!, Brooklyn is going with me. We have talked about this before mom" I say.

My sister Brooklyn and me going to LA for the summer. We are going to live with my cousin Natalie and her boyfriend Logan. They have been together since college. My sister is 21, and shes a really really good dancer, she got 3th place in Americans Best Dance Crew. And now shes going to LA to follow her dream to become a professional dancer, and she asked me to go with her. We live in New Jersey so my mom is pretty freaked out that we're going all the way across the country to LA. And she thinks I'm too young...But come on mom, I'm 16, I'm not your little girl anymore.

We are leaving for LA tomorrow, and I haven't even done packing yet, so I've better get started. I put on some music and starts to pack. Brooklyn comes in, "Ella where is my iPod, you borrowed?" Brooklyn asks. "Oh, yeah I have it here in my drawer ". I open the drawer and find the iPod and give it to her. "Thanks" She says.

Before i close the drawer I see something shining, i pick it up. Is a heart necklace, I've got from my childhood best friend 7 years ago when he moved away. 7 years ago, my childhood best friend, Nathan, moved to LA because his dad had got a new job there. When he left I was so sad, i cried a lot. He gave me this necklace the day before he left, and told me that he always would remember me. But sadly we lost contact with each other. I miss him. A LOT. I put on the necklace, and finished packing.

The next day my sister and me got to the airport, with mom and dad. " Awww, I'm gonna miss you girls soooooo much" my mom says and gives Brooklyn and me a big bear hug " Mom, i can't .... bre..ath" I say "Sorry sweetie, its just that I'm gonna miss you so much" mom says and lets go of us. " We're gonna miss you too, mom" Brooklyn says. "Take care girls, and be careful with the boys in LA, they can be dangerous" daddy says and smiles. "DAAADDD?!?" Brooklyn and I say at the same time. We say goodbye and get on the plane.

Finally we're in LA! God it's so hot here. Natalie is waiting for us at the airport. "Hey girls, good too see you again" Natalie says and hugs us both. "Hey Natalie" we say. We are hungry after the flight so we go to McDonald’s to get some freaking food. "Soo girls how's the love life going?" Natalie asks. I look away, and try not to get eye contact with her. It's not that I have a boyfriend or anything, but I just, I don't like talking about boys with my family. Actually I never really had a boyfriend. It's not because I'm ugly or anything...But I've just never really met any guy I liked liked. "Ella?" Natalie says and looks at me. "uhm...what?" I ask. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Natalie asks.

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