don't hurt me

This story is about a girl who is beaten up by her stepdad and her mother is totally in love with him but she dosent realise what he is doing to her daughter.....


1. What he did

Why oh why does my stepdad hurt me? I havent done anything wrong have i? I hope not but if i did then what? Today is the 22nd February tomorrrow is my birthday i will turn 12!!!! I am DREADING what andy will do.

I will keep you updated about what has happened today.


1 hour later

(crying) Well i told you it wouldnt be long until he hurt me im just off to the hospital. You'll never guess what he did!!!! He unbuckled his big heavy belt and whammm!!!! I wish he would stop and i know if i tell on him he will go into prison for assult or whatever you call it, and mum will be so upset and hate me and then james will just call me a tell tale. Basically i am trapped!!!!

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