Brain Farts Retweeted

Due to the over whelming success of Brain Farts #Lies Retweeted was conmissioned.


2. My Favorites

I thought I would show you some of my Favorite Tweets some may belong to you #Copyright


Spilt coffee AND chicken tikka down my shirt today so wearing my coat and pretending I'm cold when in fact I'm hot and bothered


Hoes on my dick cause I look like Frasier


First snow is the only snow I'll appreciate.


According to @BenjyWam, I'm not allowed an xbox 360 until I'm leader of the free world That's like TWO whole years away :(


B4 I start work let me just say my Swagger is on Point :-D 


When people get too chummy with me. I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don't care about them.


 hmm, not sure about #nicebangers more like #fattits


All those nasty comments about Fatima Whitbread in the jungle are out of order. That's someones son they're talking about.


Hope you're getting proper birthday spankings.


FAQ No Karl is not an idiot. He is a comedy genius who doesn't know it. He just sees the world differently and has honesty tourettes.


The only reason you'd wear a cravatte is coz you think your the bollox and you aint your just an absolute cunt. Slow down


Going out for lunch in town like some kind of whore from The Hills.


Fam do u wanna nosh the nyash? If so, get ur munch on. If u don't, don't. Its personal preference. This aint what would Jesus do!


Dont bother a Greek mans car or woman and you wont get fcuked up standard!


Shut it you, you're just an extra! Now give me a ReeM BAFTA!


17 followers! now all we need to do is do drugs with some girls, have a mental breakdown, then get sacked by chuck lorre, then we'd have 5M+


right i'm kind of a big deal on here now, as one of my tweets was in the sheffield star newspaper.


Have you ever blind folded yourself with a towel and pretended to be a Mole?


Anyone else placed Vaseline on their tummy and pretended to be a slug!?


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