Are There Clouds in Thebes?

The movement of things.


2. Riddles

At the gate to the and the sphynx all clever and guy had bled, he was sure he had read the instructions right on the internet.  There were some sick punks out there, with some weird fucked up websites.  He checked the time.  12:30 pm.  He just had to get out of the airport and get the car which had been left for him in the car park.  He arrived at the flower garden at 3:30pm. There was nobody around and he had the Makarov already prepared and a chord for garrotting, if it came to that, and a knife.  He didn’t really want to leave anyone bleeding or have to use more than the minimum number of bullets. It wasn’t the same gun. A different one from Paris and the jobs in-between. D_____ used a different gun each time and each time took them apart afterwards and dumped the parts in separate bodies of water not in the locality.  He sat on the bench and looked at the flower garden.   It had a great mess of red splashed in the middle. He sat opposite one of the monastery buildings and could see four Gothic arch frames.   He didn’t feel good about this one.  He had never killed a child before and had asked the employer twice why the children had to die too; he could deal with the wife but a girl and a boy, 8 and 9. “If you don’t want the job then I can give it to someone else.  I was informed you were the best.”  He was easily flattered, a fault of his, so he took the job and got on a plane to Portugal. today.  These cuts, not the very fact of them, there would have to be cuts under any administration, but it is WHOM they affect that make them typically Tory and contemptuous of the working man and woman.  I don't mean people like me, a teacher, protected from the job cuts, but people who had the audacity to be earning a massive £12000 a year to try and feed a family.  GONE. Gone means no money.  Gone means losing your house or getting evicted, gone means having to suffer the indignity of the dole.  Samuel appears to think that people enjoy getting a pittance from the state and doing nothing and not being able to provide for their families. Those families with generations of benefit recipients fall into several categories: lazy cunts who don't want to work and want to play on their x-box stoned; decent people living in areas where the local employment infrastructure has died - WHERE THERE ARE NO JOBS. The only jobs that are there are part-time and in some cases into a jelly like stuttering shuddering thing. The clear sound of water on water as from the taps is and he is vexed and already a memory. You read about them and hear about them but never really plan He liked to think that his brand of psycho-active drug had nothing to do with insanity or losing grip on things or sinking down into it all and nothing there to stop him except the sorrowful sorriness of everything fathomed in him, hidden like bad photographs and his wife, why would she or even want to anymore except for the kids?  Such as it is no more the velocity of his love, the gargantuan passion of it, the fat sea making waves everywhere like dusty books in the mind waking old thoughts and smells and time and and.  This time, this life did not quite pan out did it? In the bath wishing he had the guts or the inclination to slit his own – and then in the morning a thought

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