Better late then Never

In March, Lilly's husband says he wants a divorce. And he leaves, and goes missing. But after a few months she finds that she's pregnant.


4. Nightmare

I woke with a sudden jolt, I sat there, staring into space. Blinking every second, trying to forget the Nightmare I witnessed last night. But it wasn't a nightmare, it was real life. I threw myself back onto the bed, and looked to where Max should be, sleeping. But Shasta was curled up instead, perfectly still. But occasionaly woofing in his sleep, I briefly laughed. Wondering what he was dreaming about, I tilted my head as if I was a dog. Looking at their trainer  in confusion, as if they didn't understand a command. I swung my legs around the bed on the floor, and slipped my feet into the furry slipppers on the mat. I hunched over, my elbows on my legs, holding my head in my hands. Shasta woke up to my movement, and stood next my feet, gazing up at me. I smiled at the sight of the dog, I rose my hand and stroked his head down to half way of his back. He panted, his pink tounge hanging out of the side of his jaw, over the top of his pointed teeth. I stood to my feet, and his followed. Wagging his curled tail, he walked into the bathroom. He knew my routine. But when I walked out of the bedroom and out to the landing. He was confused, but still followed me down to the kitchen. I sat at the table, just wallowing in my self-pity. Why did I tell him to leave, Why. 

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