In the End

Sparrow is a bird that's not very wild, more likely to be, a name for a child. Even when the child is named, unlike the bird it cannot be tamed. A child is strong, stand up headstrong. And one day belong, so I right you this song.

Sparrow is nineteen year old, living in a gypsy camp since she was eleven. When her sister was killed, but by who? Today is the day she will find out. With her trusted dog, she will uncover the secrets of the Kingdom.


3. The Legends

After coming back to the camp in the heart of the forest, she was a mess. Which her adopted mother, Amelia would not like. The dirt paths crossed into different directions, gypsy caravans. All of which was dotted with children and adults either talking or playing games. Osmond panted, relieved to be home, wagging her tail. Sparrow walked through all the paths, turning left, left and then right up a slope. She came to a tattered caravan, the roof was patched up from several different incidents. Light's that the trees held up with their arms warmed the atmosphere. Like fireflies, watching over them, and keep them from danger. Growing up in the forest was, well there are different views. It's good, that they're hidden from tax-men, but bad that wild animals can hunt them very easily. That's only happened once, when I was thirteen. A brown bear, raided the camp site. After minutes of terror and screaming, it was finally put to death. I saw the life from it's eyes fade, I remember Sparrow crying. She ran from the camp site and returned a few days later, with nothing. No scars, no wounds nothing. She was smiling, even now I do not know what happened to her those few years ago. Something changed in her that day, her once painful eyes were at ease. From a terrified black, to a warm brown, her eyes had seen something. What, I do not know. Sparrow eventually got to her home, a caravan on the high part of the camp site. To enter the camp site, you have to go through a large wooden gate. Which was constructed between two different small hill. Above the gate was a simple oak bridge. Sparrow spent most of her childhood sitting on the bridge looking out to the valley. You could see everything, it was magic. The lake, the mountains, the green forest and in the distance, the castle. In which the King and his queen lived in with their son, they did have a daughter. But she was kidnapped many years ago, by Shadows. The Darkness in the land lurks in the east, by lately, it's reaching into the heart of the Kingdom. Over the last ten-fifteen years, wars have been raging to keep the Darkness in control. But the Kingdom's army's efforts have gone to waste. The Darkness is coming, and can't be stopped, except by the Elemental warriors. Some believe they will return, some believe they were a myth from the beginning. The King's daughter was one of the Elemental warriors, of Earth. But she was just a child when she was kidnapped, so she never learned to control it. There are five Elemental warriors:Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Lightning. Though the Water Elemental warrior also can control Ice, and the Lightning can control Thunder. The other warriors are unknown, and no-one will know until their powers are summoned. And the King can only do that, he says he can't without something. Sparrow, she is part of all of this. But not a warrior, you will see in time, have patience. She climbed into the caravan and lied down, and so Osmond followed. The black light had covered the sky, to signal the time to sleep. The night isn't a darkness, it's just a different light. The night brings rest, and the day brings adventure. Everyday is different, especially tomorrow. Everything will change, not just for Sparrow and me. But for the whole Kingdom.
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