In the End

Sparrow is a bird that's not very wild, more likely to be, a name for a child. Even when the child is named, unlike the bird it cannot be tamed. A child is strong, stand up headstrong. And one day belong, so I right you this song.

Sparrow is nineteen year old, living in a gypsy camp since she was eleven. When her sister was killed, but by who? Today is the day she will find out. With her trusted dog, she will uncover the secrets of the Kingdom.


4. Sacrifice

I woke to find Sparrow already awake and eating for morning meal. Osmond sniffing the ground to smell something out for herself. Me, I ate an apple I picked from the tree yesterday. No-one has ever noticed me, I'm still, quiet and uneasy to see. A fire faintly breathed in front of Sparrow, controlled and easy. Barely reaching height, from being lit last night. I explained five warriors last night, but rumours have been going about a 6th. One that has the ability to command and turn into animals. Though they’re are rumours, that emerged from a bar in Greystone. A highly populated city, in which the great castle stands. Drunks do like to make up rumours, and women will believe anything you tell them. A sudden high pitch scream sounded from the left of me, coming from the gates. Sparrow stood to her feet, and Osmond started to bark. I stood on the branch that laboured to keep me up, and scouted for the maiden that screamed. In the distance, walking down the dirt road towards the camp site. Shadows. Shadows are the form of a lost soul, in either a human or an animal. And are of pure darkness, and hatred. All that was visible was they're red, dominating eyes. That stare into your soul, the human forms carry a weapon made of a black stone. The animal forms use their own teeth and claws. There were seven human forms, three birds and five leopards. The camp site suddenly burst into life. Woman screaming, children crying and men preparing for battle. Already, six men were charging out to the Shadows, shouting in rage. The viciousness of the animal Shadows showed easily. The forms were just black, you could see everything normally, they were now evil. Archers lined up on the bridge above the gates, preparing their arrows. They will not win, they will be crushed, knowing this. I had to leave, but not without Sparrow. But she cannot know who I am now, Osmond suddenly ran into the forest. And so Sparrow followed, and I did with difficulty. Jumping from tree to tree, praying that I wouldn't fall. Osmond stopped when the camp site was no longer in sight, Sparrow tried to catch her breath. But, we were not alone, a leopard Shadow stalked us here. It crept up behind Sparrow, and leapt, clawing into he shoulders. She shrieked in pain, the leopard got off her, and stood over her bloody body. A sudden blinding light sourced from the camp site, and the leopard roared in agony. And collapsed, and the wind blew it's Shadow form into dust. A crippled figure hobbled over towards us, when I realised who what it was, it couldn't believe it. It was Amelia, Sparrow's adopted Mother. She fell, hitting the ground with a thud. Sparrow, herself in pain, pulled her body to her Mother. “Sparrow,” she spoke faintly, and she smiled. “You must leave, take my horse, and don't turn back. The Shadows are here for you, you must ride to Greystone, and see the King. Mention my name, he will know of what I wish. Go Sparrow, and never return...” her final breath was those words. Her body suddenly lost all it's colours, fading until the body was there no more. Her strength built Sparrow up, she stood there, stronger than ever. Osmond came to her heel, without warning. A beautiful black horse trotted towards Sparrow. She smiled, and patted the stallion's neck. “Hello Midnight,” the horse neighed softly. Sparrow has always loved animals, and they have always loved her. She mounted the saddle, with Osmond next to her. Midnight reared, and jumped into a gallop, faster than anything I've ever seen. But even then I can keep up, above them, and scanned the forest ahead for Shadows or hunters. Amelia sacrificed herself, because she knew what I did, that Sparrow must live. Or the Elemental warriors will never return, if Sparrow does not find the Kind before the Shadows find her. Then it will be the end of the Kingdom, not just for the people or the animals. The Darkness will over come everything, the World will be nothing but pain and hatred. Sparrow must live, before all other, even over the Elemental warriors, even over the Royals.
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