In the End

Sparrow is a bird that's not very wild, more likely to be, a name for a child. Even when the child is named, unlike the bird it cannot be tamed. A child is strong, stand up headstrong. And one day belong, so I right you this song.

Sparrow is nineteen year old, living in a gypsy camp since she was eleven. When her sister was killed, but by who? Today is the day she will find out. With her trusted dog, she will uncover the secrets of the Kingdom.


2. Relaxed

Sparrow is a bird that's not very wild, more likely to be, a name for a child. In the case, it is. A now nineteen year old, laying in a field not far from her home. A gypsy camp a mile away, across a uneven surface of forest and fields full of brown, white and black patched cows. Much like the skirt she's wearing, different tones of browns. Patched like a quilt, but not as organised. Her brown long sleeved tunic rubbed against her skin slightly. Laying in the long grass, looking up into the clear blue sky. The summer breeze gently twisting the grass to sway, tickling her nose slightly. She snorted a puff of air out of her nose, to loosen the grip of the grass on her pale skin. A light aroma of apple juice wafted from the apple tree not too far away. Sparrow's long dark brunette, flicked from her neck an onto the grass. Both her and her dog were at ease. The dog at her side, basking in the Sun, was her most trusted companion. Her female Harrier dog, Osmond. A very loyal dog, she follows her. Everywhere she goes, she's there. Watching her back, like a guardian angel. She looks like a beagle, but she has a different build and face. She looked up at me eagerly, and tilted her head. Sparrow lifted her hand and stroked Osmond's brushed, glossy fur. She excitedly wagged her tail, a gave out a little woof. I've been writing about Sparrow since she was a child, but she's never been so relaxed or peaceful in her life. I will eventually appear in the book, have patience. But I'am the same age as her, and so similar. Sparrow rose to her feet, and Osmond so followed. She ran through the long, savannah like grass back to the camp.
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