Et minde om en personlighed. - A memorie of a personality

Jeg ved ikke hvor jeg skulle smide dette afskedsdigt (sikkert under poesi) men det er det ikke.
Teksten er både på engelsk og dansk.
Dansk for at dem som ikke er så trænet i engelsk kan læse den og engelsk for dem som ved hvor smukt det lyder.

I didn't knew where to put this farewell poem. (Probably under poetry)
But I didn't.
The text is in english and danish.
Danish for those who aint as trained ind english and english, for those who know how beautiful it sounds.


2. A memorie of a personality


Memorie of Elmevangs Sabrina. Went a away oktober the 19th 2011

At 22.07.

The time has now come, when you must close your eyes.

Let me look into them a last time before your last breath.

For the last time, I caress the soft muzzle I have known in a long time.

Your black, before so soft coat, is wet caused of the effort as the pain had done.

Soon, all your pain is over, my dear.

I will remember you as you were:

As the beauty you were.

As the horse you were.

The memories of ours, I'll always hide in my heart, remember them alle.

The memory of the sight of you, come with towering noble neck, see the swanneck you so gleefully showed up.

Listening to your enraged snorting.

when your flock and you, with high leg lift, nice beat you up.

The memory of seeing you, peacefully grazing surrounded by your flock, with the sun shining in your black coat.

One last time before it's over, I look into those brown eyes of yours.

Deeper than dark forest soils and more adorable than even deer calf's.

I recalled the sound of your happy chewing on the straw as you tasted the best, the sound of your quiet whinny, to call my attention.

The last step we take together before it's over, lovingly stroking me one last time your forehead. You know it's over, and so do I.

One last snorts from the soft muzzle, one last sigh.

Your pain is now gone.

You are not here anymore, no longer by my side.

The sight of your tired body lying 'on the ground, cold, tear my heart into a thousand pieces.

Tears is falling from my heart, the lost of you has detroyed my heart. It would'nt ever heal, the crakels whould alwats be there, a scar for life. 

You are now gone, your soul has flown to the eternal pastures.

Farewell my dear, I'll never forget you.

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