Imagination's Heart

Jamies chilhood imaginative hero dies in his imagination. Now Jamie will have to IMAGINE another way to bring him back.


1. Imagintion's Heart

A short story from Bradley Jones


Jamie sighed as he lay on his bed thinking of dragons, his blonde hair covering his eyes. It was a stupid think to fantasize about, he knew that but sometimes he couldn’t help but let his imagination carry him off into his world. He was a hero in his own world. Known as Litorus with his dragon named Xelendra. The usual things he did everyday were heroic all the time and in Jamie’s world bullies didn’t exist accept for dumb enemies who kidnapped the princess. But with his ruby encrusted sword they were nothing. Litorus approached the defeated man who lay on the floor whimpering. He bore down upon him raising his sword... “DINNER!” bellowed his mother. Jamie snapped out of his world and back to the normal one where bullies did exist and never whimpered at the sight of him. He slouched downstairs still thinking what it would be like to have his own dragon. Bullies wouldn’t step near him unless they wanted to be roasted. He stopped his imagination for a minute. He looked down at his dinner. Oxtail soup was one of his favourite dishes and also his favourite imagination setters. Litorus clenched the rope tightly as princess Lily screamed for help. He looked at her suspended above the acidic Oxtail soup. He swung across feeling his feet centimetres away from the deadly soup. He grabbed the princess and pulled her to safety. Litorus landed on the platform but stumbled back into the soup. Jamie yelled. He gasped looking around the usual world. He ran upstairs not believing what he had just witnessed. He pulled out his drawers shaking his head. He grabbed the drawings. Even the drawings had started to fade. Every detail of the boy he had worked on all 12 years of life. He stared into the blank paper. He drifted back to his world thinking of a way to bring him back. It wouldn’t come. He dragged his feet to school the next day. What would happen to Xelendra? Without looking where he was walking he walked into a warehouse of some sort and what he saw then made him think his eyesight was developing an imagination of their own. “Hi I’m xele... well you know me” said Litorus’s dragon, Blinking her red eyelids and shifting her position so her scaly skin was more jagged. He fell back to the door his mouth dropping open. He didn’t know what to do scream or approach the dragon. “You’re supposed to be in my mind” he gasped. ”Well who was going to look after me now that Lito...”The dragon stopped seeing Jamie look away. “You saw it too?” he croaked wiping a tear from his face. “Yes, don’t you have to go to school? I can come too I will shrink to fit in your bag” Replied Xelendra. “Can you do that?” Questioned Jamie. “Litorus gave me a shrink ray when you were 6” Answered Xelendra. After Xelendra had shrunk and eased into Jamie’s bag, Jamie arrived at school in an ecstatic mood. He went to his first lesson maths. It was a test so calculators weren’t aloud. “X times fifty seven equals 980, what could X be.” He said aloud pretending to be thinking to himself. In his bag Xelendra was working the sum out on a calculator then shoving it out to show him the answer. At break some bullies strolled over to him, their hands drawn out expectantly waiting for his money. “Hang on it’s in my bag” He squeaked, pretending to be scared. He unzipped his bag and a roar of flames leapt out. The bullies all stepped back, their eyes widening before turning to run. Last lesson was science they had to make liquid set alight without a match or lighter. He held his bag over the tube he was working on. A small flame burst out. He closed his bag with a triumphant smile, as Mr Smith came over applauding. He got home smiling and slurped up his Oxtail soup with out dreaming once because he was dreaming already. He asked to be excused from the table and retraced his steps to the warehouse. He unzipped his bag lifting Xelendra out carefully as not to hurt her. He grabbed the shrink ray and reversed her back to her normal size. She stood up from her hind legs and stretched her wings. She looked down at him, then up in alarm as the doors of the warehouse started to bang. “Police” Shouted a voice from outside. “Climb on” Xelendra whispered, sitting down. He clung on tight to a ridge on her back as she stood up bursting through the warehouse wall, scattering the police. They soared through the air, the wind whipping Jamie’s face. “I’m too old for this” Laughed Xelendra, roaring with laughter. Jamie gave her a quizzical look. “I’m 12 years old, 70 in dragon years” Boomed Xelendra over the wind. There was a large jolt and Jamie nearly slipped off. They landed on some hills that looked strangely familiar. He slipped off looking around. “Where are we?”Asked Jamie, Xelendra sighed “Were in Frire Hills, in your imagination” Xelendra whispered. Jamie gasped “Ok, first I want to go Kingland Castle, then gor...”  “No wait” Xelendra interrupted. “I have something to tell you” “I can’t live in your world, I have to stay here but I need you here too or I die... But I can’t ask you to abandon your mother. You have to make the choice” Explained Xelendra. Jamie’s smile faded. “The Choice?” He muttered. They both sat, looking for a loophole in the risk. A tear slid down their eyes every few minutes. Then they both looked up understanding each other. Xelendra showed Jamie the portal to his world. He grabbed a few papers and started to write. He wrote for a long time. He had it, the story of Xelendra and Litorus.  They wouldn’t live in his imagination but in the story... Litorus ran to Xelendra beaming. The End...

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