Ten Songs Unsung And Other Poems

Written and inspired by Eme, this is my tribute a collection of complete and incomplete ramblings and poems, mostly inspired by her love.

Thank you for being you
Thank you always


16. Other Untitled Shorts

To hold you To know you Too show you All of me Baring our souls Leaving the others behind Flying free You and me Above the streets Above our fears Flying free Out of the dark Into our dreams Flying free You and me To never go back To have no doubts Theres no wrongs too fix Just our souls as one Just you and me That is what I believe Simply You, me Always Even when i stop breathing When this hearts it stops beating It can only be You and me ---------------------------------- we may be miles apart but we share the same stars and sky and the sun still rises in the same direction and the earth will always rotate, just as long as you know you are loved, you should never feel alone ------------------------------------- Eme too hold and too touch her to be with her her rock her life to have her as mine to keep and too love I would give up forever for a five minutes together ---------------------------------- If you leave now you will never know answers you cannot find look deep inside your soul never lose what is you but embrace what you are never look to deep at the darkness that shadows your heart but find time for those who love you who don't doubt you take my strength and not my sadness take my love take my soul set me on fire and lay me too rest beside you do not fear what is coming or what has been I live too in a world not meant for me waiting for you to see my heart free --------------------

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