Ten Songs Unsung And Other Poems

Written and inspired by Eme, this is my tribute a collection of complete and incomplete ramblings and poems, mostly inspired by her love.

Thank you for being you
Thank you always


2. Last Chance

She's thinking up dark thoughts inside of her thinking tonight's the last chance before she goes breathing the suffocating lull of the storm dancing around her now

Its her last chance she's falling away tonight her last chance as she's fading away tonight Going so far away in her mind, blocking out all she sees outside

Tonight I want to hold her to late, the thoughts are already sinking inside of her Too late thinking to try and her save her she cant sleep the dreams taking over her, wanting to fade away, let all the pain seep out She knows there's no hope wish i could see her, slip inside her dreams, wake her from her fears, show her what life is about To late these thoughts i could of saved her as she sinks deeper into the dark

Its been too long, I cant explain to her, haunting inside of me, wishing what could of been

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