The Unexpected Adventure

A group of friends brought back together, on a mysterious ship, with a list of scenarios that they made.


6. Kate

Meeting Jayden and the others have been a wonderful time; I still Miss Africa; hot, sandy, full of life; now I’m here cold, and getting powers? That is just too strange for me.
“What do you mean ‘our powers are going to be delivered’ Are we staying here longer?” I’m starting to get worried.
Frank was trying to explain what was going on, “Well, you know the scenarios that we wrote while we were in our teens?” I nodded, “The first one just came true, and the second one is about to happen.” Then he just stared at the angle, coming at us.
“Man I just want to go back to china! How many scenarios do we have?” Ianna sounding desperate
Jayden just laughed, “We have 9 scenarios left to do, and then maybe we can go home.”
“R-Really? We can go home as soon as we do those?! That sounds really easy!” Jasmine sounding all relieved all about this situation, but I’m not!
“Well, that’s not the case.” The girls and I stared at Connor when we heard this; Jayden and Frank just put their heads down.
Then the angle landed right of the middle of the tense situation, “Hi! My name is Amy and I’m here to deliver these apples from Mr G himself.”
Six piece of weird apples in a basket ready to be eaten by us, but before we could say anything, Amy disappeared.
“Whoa, that was totally creepy!” Saying surprising
“I’ll look at the paper, but first I’ll eat an apple.” Frank said,
He picked up a black apple with green computer lines on it, Ianna looked concerned, “Are you sure that’s safe to eat?” Frank ignoring Ianna headed to the ‘paper’, Jayden grabbed another apple that was purple with illusion blue lines on it. “I’ll eat this if Connor eats it.” Jayden nervously holding the apple
Connor doesn’t say anything, and kneels down and grabs the completely black apple. He bites the apple, then chews, and swallows. Then the black apple just disintegrated. Now Jayden eats his apple, and his was gone as well. Frank came back without the apple, “It tastes like chicken, what about you?”
Jayden and Conner just nod and said, “Chicken.” Only three apples remain, a pink one with squares, a blue one with white spots, and an apple shaped like a cloud.
Ianna snatches the pink apple, and Jasmine grabs the blue apple, now they were staring at me to pick up the apple. I showed a face that said, ‘alright whatever you say.'
Picked up the cloud shaped apple and all three of us got a bite out of it. It does taste like chicken, then the apples turned into sand.
"Do you guys fel any different from before you ate the apple?" Frank cautously asking, Everyone just nodded.
Then franks stomach started to glow so did I and the others. The whole deck was surrounded by light.
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