The Unexpected Adventure

A group of friends brought back together, on a mysterious ship, with a list of scenarios that they made.


3. Jayden

I’m very super excited right now! I got to meet my old friends, the top 10 or 9 scenarios and it worked and the second one is about to happen! I got everything I want now.
Frank told me to follow that scream on the left. This boils me up because I wanted to be captain of this ship or crew, but it looks like Frank is taking charge. I came up with the idea to make the scenarios with my friends and are they going to make me captain or not?
When I got to the door where supposedly the scream came from; boy was I right, I’ve only opened the door to find Kate Wisher in a bikini, sandy, and was shivering. I hesitated to give my jacket and put it around her. She looked at me, “Jayden it’s really you! What the hell is going on? I was on the beach in Africa and then I’m here at this wooden boat.”
I was listening, but didn’t answer; I was interested at looking at Kate’s chest. Before she knew I was looking; I hesitated “Uh, I was on my way to star bucks as soon as I entered; I went in the ship instead and ran into Connor and Frank.”
Kate looked liked she was stunned to what’ve I said, and then I added “Ianna is here too, she is with Fran and Connor is investigating another scream from this stinky boat.”
Then she was relieved by this which made me confused. Kate asked “Do you know where Frank is?”
I sighed with disbelieve, “Well I believe that he is at the deck of the ship; let’s go before something else happens.”
Kate nodded, she took my hand, and we walked towards the front of the ship.
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