The Unexpected Adventure

A group of friends brought back together, on a mysterious ship, with a list of scenarios that they made.


7. Jasmine

From appearing on this boat from America; then getting powers from apples? Now our stomachs are glowing and it really hurts. This is turning out to be a weird and horrible day. When the glowing stopped everybody seemed different.
Then Frank had a computer CP-U for a back, Jayden had a steel back, Connor with a gargoyle wings, Kate had a normal back, Ianna had a super soft back, and I had a super wet back.
“Wow! This is way out of weird city, why is my voice like this?” I’m saying in a high pitched voice
“I think I’m robotically intelligent with this power. Frank from American accent to an English accent
“Now let’s see what we got” Jayden and Frank over lapping what their saying, then Jayden throws a hand out.
Then his whole body turned into a steel man, Frank turns into a black figure with green lines like a mother board. Then Connor out of the blue, “Well let’s gets started!”
Then Connor transformed into gargoyle. Kate didn’t transformed, but had a dress with bad weather. Ianna was floating like there was no gravity.
Everybody’s eyes stared at me and Connor says in a rocky tone “Wow Jasmine that’s a good transformation.”
“What do you mean?” saying in a high pitched voice again, I ran to the edge of the boat, and saw myself as a fairy, not small, but full sized with wings. “NO!!!!! I don’t want to be a firkin fairy!” in a demanding high pitched voice
“Well I didn’t want to be a gargoyle in the first place.” Connor with a disappointed faces and humped down.
“Yeah, I wanted you to be a mouse so I can shoot you down.” Jayden laughing and so did the others. This cheered me up a little bit.
Frank calmed down and so did Jayden, and Connor and they focus. Us girls just stand back and let them do their thing.
Franks arm moved; it formed into a fist and said, “One giga bite, two gigs bite, three giga bite, four gigs bite, and 6 giga bit.”
Each time he said ‘giga bite’ his fist got bigger, bigger, and it look pretty heavy from where Frank was leaning down. Then his fist went back to normal.
Jayden and Conner lost concentration when he said, “Sword out!” His techno goo formed into a real sword. Frank gets his sword close to his green hand and cuts it really slowly, no blood, no bones. His hand was cut off clean.
Ianna screamed so did the others, I was like firkin’ out. His hand or dad hand melted into green goo and slid to Frank’s right leg. Then his hand grew back like nothing happened. ‘Cool’ I thought.
“Well that’s all I need to know.” Frank with a relieve face. It doesn’t look like he knew what he was doing, nor his hand will or will not grow back. Frank calmly walked away saying, “Now its Jayden and Conner’s turn.”
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