The Unexpected Adventure

A group of friends brought back together, on a mysterious ship, with a list of scenarios that they made.


1. Introduction

Six friends that have known each other since childhood are: Frank Ketterer, Jayden Foremen, Connor Sean, Jasmine Gother, Kate Wisher, and Ianna Waits. They have lived in the same neighbourhood and have gone to the same school since kindergarten.
When the group were all around 14, Jayden decided if they met again; when they were older, they would sail around the world. Then Frank and Jayden came up with 10 scenarios that would happen on or outside the ship. That group promised that they would meet again with the first scenario.
This information foot out and someone stole the scenarios and plans. This information was very important to them in their lives; when this was gone it caused Frank and the others to move to separate countries around the world. Frank lives in Okinawa, Japan; Jayden lives in England; Connor lives in Paris, France; Jasmine lives in America; Kate lives in Africa; and Ianna lives in China.
While they were livings in their home; a big earthquake shook the heavens that the group didn’t feel while sleeping or walking on the streets.
This earthquake caused a demon portal to be opened. The demons are Tailed demons. Each tail defines a power that is unimaginable. There is only up to Ten-tailed demons in the demon world. If you had a one-tailed demon sealed in your body it would be ok, because the power will be handled by a humans ‘will power.’ If you had the ten-tails sealed your body would explode because the power would be too great to handle. Only hands full of people have this kind of will power.
A ten, seven, three, five, four, eight tails had escaped out of the demon world and sealed into the group.
When the group are 17 ¾ they’ll be brought back together by fate. When the group turns 18 their unimaginable powers will be awakened.
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