I love you and I always will (MOM STORY)

I love you mommy. I wrote a story for you. And only you.. Have I ever told you how much I love you, mommy? 'Cause I really do... A lot... | Det her er min første engelsk historie, så forventer et par stavefejl osv. Vær søde ikke at dømme den på det, så mange er der ikke endda. |


1. Birth

You came to my eyes, as the first I saw, you held me and talked to me when you had something to say, but sometimes you just held me, and look into my eyes for hours. You smiled, you thought, I was the most beautiful little girl in the world.

The first time you held me in your arms, I made a wish to God. That you will never, let me go, no matter what happen. That you would hug me, and hold me in your arms, when I cried, and you won’t let go, until the tears was no longer to see. That you would never, forget me, and that you always would take care of me, even when I told you to not. That you always would be there, when I needed you.

- You don’t have to pray for that, my young child, he said.

- She had already chosen that, even before you were born. She knew you were coming, before you even lived. She decides to keep you, even before you were scared to lose her. And she loved you, before you loved her. And she still loves you, even more then you love her. So don’t be afraid of that, my young child, and the only thing she wants you to do for her, is be happy. That’s all.

 - Thank you God, I thought. I slowly closet my eyes…

- I love you, mom told me.

- I love you too…, I thought, just before I fell asleep. 

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