When the air goes out

She saw him after so many years


1. When the air goes out

She stayed in the restaurant, alone. The man, that she had not seen for so many years, went away without almost saying goodbye, and she was left with the feeling of not knowing where she was, even though her house was just a few blocks away. In her mind, so many scenes from years ago pile up. Some memories were so faint that she was not sure if it actually occurred. Today, he was there. In a way he was the same. His face, his eyebrows, the way he moves his eyes... and in some other way he was so different ... when was the last time she saw him? In what street,  in which corner? It was right in front of her house? She had hated him. It's true. For many days she had hated him. So why now she felt that the hatred had vanished completely? Because of the time that had passed? Because, in a way, that man (before he was a child) was another? And wasn't she another person too? From where to start counting the days, from where the kisses that they will give to each other?

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