Sunflowers in a stainless steel trash can

Short history about a love that cannot be


1. He went to look for her

He went to look for her, but no longer found her. It was always the same for her. When everything was ready, when at last he had given a thousand laps, made a thousand decisions to be with her, then something was responsible for ruining everything. Could be nothing, could be thar she was just around the corner, but that closed door, that bell echoing in his ears so  quietly meant something else, he knew it. It was fate that separated them? A Shakespeare's tragedy with a powerful type forces that led to disaster? No. He more than anyone knew it, it was not that, it was not fate. It was a series of inner demons that she carried on her back, that turned her into a dark Peter Pan who refused to grow up and forced her to leave him, not to accept the love that he has given to her for so many years, for all his life, so crazy and so innocent. Are here inner demons, always her demons ... he said to himself, already convinced that he is not going to see her that morning. She was waiting. And wished with all his heart to see him, hug him, touch his face. And he was going around the corner with a bouquet of sunflowers, her favorite flower.

They had been together the night before, and in that morning when he headed to her home, passed a kiosk and saw that especially cute bouquet of sunflowers. It was a sunny morning, which was quite strange in a week where it had rained every other day. "The sun today is a good omen," he thought. But it was not. In that relationship where everything was the opposite of what seemed, in fact the sun was the worst omen, was like a black cloud that was ahead of every step he was walking on that street in particular, going to see her, with a prepared speech, with a blue shirt, carefully chosen, with a smile as authentic as ephemeral ... knowing how she was ...

Then, in the evening and long after the sunflowers were thrown it away, he would still regretting having gone there, so naive, having walked smiling as if nothing, as if all those years knowing her had not been taught anything to him. The night before, she told him she loved him. She had never said it before, even in that season they spent in that village hidden in the middle of nowhere ... When she was really his and his alone ...

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