Sunflowers in a stainless steel trash can

Short history about a love that cannot be


3. Daniel

Daniel was waiting for an hour with the bouquet in his hand. Ringing the doorbell every 2 minutes and attentive to the crowded street. Nothing, nobody. The street though full, empty for him. Daniel, resigned, threw away the flowers in the trash can in front of her apartment. They were a sort of message, if she returned the same day. Although, deep down, he knew it would take a long time to see her again . He knew how she was, even knew where she went, where he could not follow her. Walked slowly away with his head down and his blue shirt, without flowers or smiles, with a tiny hole in his chest ...

She returned on the third day, when she was sure he would not be waiting. The sunflowers were no longer there. She went upstairs, set up her suitcase, put inside the small painting she hungs beside her bed, the one that he had give  to her so long ago, and went out, leaving a note for the owner of the room. She never return. Never would have in her hands the white and clean face of him, his innocent eyes, his smile of love. Another tear and then another. This time she could not contain herself and cried inconsolably, kneeling beside her bed. Damn, she thought, dont be so childish Adelaide.  

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