I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


18. The Fight

He was an idiot I knew that, but he was that big an idiot O_O I just came to realize...


Why would he do something like this was beyond my understanding, actually everything he used to do was beyond my understanding. He could be so random sometimes that if Einstein was to solve his behavior equations, even he would have run out of the door, pulling whatever hair left on his brainy head. Pat your shoulders Nil, at least you are still standing here.

So now you know that watching him not caring for what Nate said was really making me angry. I didn't know why but I, was feeling embarrassed in all this. Looking sheepishly at Nate, I found him staring at Troy. I never ever saw him this irritated before. He was what you can say, fuming and it was quite strange to see him like that. He was always the placid one, but today,

It was HIM who was seething, and that teeth gritting bull, who blows air from his nose whenever he sees me, uncaringly of whether I am wearing RED or not, was soooo chill, that if I didn't know better, even I would have believed him.

Glancing at Troy, I noticed he was continuously tapping his fingers on the armrest and if I knew him correctly, that definitely meant he tried to be SMART. But as rude as he is, I very well knew he was not going to apologize for prank or whatever it was. "Let's just forget it," I said looking at Nate. He appeared like he was trying very hard to control himself.

I was little surprised at him too, I mean why was he reacting like THIS. It was just one of those stupid things Troy always did, what was SO different.

"Hey.. look, I am sorry for whatever happened, but can't we just-" "Nil," He cut me off, "It was not your fault," He then stared at Troy who was coolly grabbing his backpack and it was now we realized that the bell had already rung.

"Anyway uhm...," Nate shook his head, "See you tomorrow.. I guess," I smiled, "Yeah sur-" Wait... why is he leaning in?

And before I could even start to understand anything, his cold lips touched my cheek, making me freeze in my spot. He stayed there for like a moment, his warm breath sending chills down my spine. My mouth dried and I'm sure I had turned pale. My heart was striking so hard against my chest that it wouldn't surprise me if he heard as he backed, and that hint of smile on his lips just told me that he DID. With a quick bye, he was gone,

but I was still standing where he left me, totally dazed or totally amazed, when Troy's shout brought me back to earth, "You coming or not?"

"What?!" I snapped, a little irritated, and he grimaced, "I'm gonna count to three.. and then... I am GONE." "One...," "No.. wait," I shook myself out of that... dream I must say, and ran to grab my backpack from stage. "Two..." "That's not fair," I jumped on the stage, ignoring the stairs, "You are counting way too fast," and grabbed my bag when he grinned, "And here goes... Three,"

As soon as he finished, he loped towards the door and I ran too, shouting, "Sam will kill you, jerk," I ran as fast as I could, and when I reached for door, it didn't open, "Troy!!," I shouted as I shook the door vigorously. I knew that jerk was holding it from the other side, coz believe me, he wouldn't dare to lock me here and go, remember him shivering like a puppy in front of Sam.

"Troy, open the door," I thumped at the door, "TROY!!!"

I heard him stifling a laugh, "I thought you were strong girl, Nil" He said mockingly, which only irritated me further. "A kindergarten student will be more sensible than YOU, you know that," I hissed, kicking the door, "Open the goddamn door Troy,"

"Wow, for sooo long I seriously thought you were strong," He still was holding the door, "But now I see that you are just like any other girl, weak and fragile.. always asking for help," OH! That's the last thing I am I pulled my hair claw out, threw it in the bag, made a small bun, and then with a strong haul, I opened the door.

"Fuck you!!" He blurted in surprise, but before another word could come out, I slapped him across his face.

A moment of silence

And then he screamed "My god!!" His hand rose to his cheeks, "Omg omg OMG!!" He kicked the wall, rubbing his cheek. Quickly he bent down; bracing his hand on his knees and I waited with my hand on my mouth, yeahhh, it WAS a little harder than I intended.

After few seconds, he looked up and barked, "What the crap was that for?" "So now you have short term memory loss," I removed my hand from mouth and snarled, "How dare you use those filthy words with m-" "Oh madam, not even in my dream I will mean anything like that with YOU," He growled through gritted teeth, and after giving me a complete two minute creepy stare, he started walking towards his car, muttering, "Height is two feet and arm is seven,"

There was no point in arguing with him so I stayed quiet and followed him down the lot. As usual he parked at the end and I got enough time to curse him as much as I pleased. When he finally stopped near his car, I stood there staring. It was not his 'regular' BMW.

This was a bright blue Bentley continental GT, and that also second generation. The only words that came out of my mouth was, "Wow!!"

"Coming your highness?!" He taunted opening his door and I thought, "Duhhh,"

Admiring the breathtaking metallic beauty in the hand of this beast, I opened the door. Sighing heavily, I slid in and locked the door. Without spittin anything else, he revved up the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, and I got busy watching the freshly bloomed trees sprinting.

The spring breeze wafted through the window, playing with my hair as the car sped up on the wet road. The heavy scent of flowers drifted through the open window, bringing a smile on my lips for my favorite season of all.

"Hospital right?" His voice brought me back. "Huh?!" "I have to drop you at hospital... right?" He asked looking at me and I nodded, "Yeah," He noticed me staring at his cheek, which still was a little pink coz of the impact, and smiled, "For such a small person, you definitely CAN hit," He rubbed his cheek with his shoulder and it was my time to smile, "Yeah well, keep your mouth in check and it won't happen again,"

"Do you mind me telling why it will always have to be ME who should change?" He asked, keeping his stare on the road.

I shrugged, "Because I'm always right,"

"Nobody is always right," He grunted, "There were things even I was wrong about and I accept it, but YOU, you will never accept that you CAN be wrong about someo...," He shook his head, "Forget it," He exhaled heavily and kept driving as I watched him in confusion, "Randommm!!" I thought and went back to staring out the window.

Rain can breathe life into almost anything; I thought and deeply inhaled the scent of wet soil lingering in the air. I watched the trees drenched in rain as cold brisk air splashed across my face. Fresh green leaves, dark gray sky, uh... Who need boys to make life beautiful.

"Are you even listening to what I am saying?!!" Kill the one who said boys make life beautiful "What now Troy?"

"I am telling you about the coming test and you are..." He frowned, "Where were you by the way?"

"Playing in the puddle," I beamed looking at the water in side of the road.

"Wow," He sighed in surprise, "How can someone like rain? Everything sticky and damp, yuck, I hate it,"

"You hate what??" I stared at him wide-eyed and he laughed, "You must like it," "Plllzzzz, I love it," I said leaning back in the seat, "You hate girls, you hate rain... Dude, you hate the best things in the world," I blurted, still shocked by his revelation and he laughed out loud this time. Is it just me or he is really laughing too much today.

"Well the same goes for you too," He said and I snapped, "Are you by any chance talking about boys?!"

He chuckled, "By every chance actually," and I rolled my eyes, "I find it funny that you think-"

"Oh plz, don't start," He interrupted, "You don't like boys; I don't like girls, let's just settle with that," I shrugged a whatever and got back to staring outside. We remained silent the rest of the way, except the few exchange of glances and the huffing it followed. We were few miles away from hospital when he suddenly stopped the car. I looked at him questioningly and he puckered his brows, "Relax, I am not gonna rape you," He flashed me his cell and flipped it open, "Hey dad,"

"Yeahhh, well I don't trust ya,"

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, he snapped at me like I've asked him to marry me or something. He gnashed his teeth wildly at me and uttered, "No one," on his phone. Throughout the call, he kept staring at me and all I did was bit my lips, thinking what did I do. After few minutes, he snapped his phone shut and threw it on the dashboard. Rubbing his head, he started the engine and drove off. Rest of the ride had a gut-wrenching silence and I knew his mood was off but didn't know why?.

Parking the car, he grabbed my backpack from the backseat and handed it to me, "Do me a favour and leave," He said without looking at me and I stared at him indignantly, "Yeah sure," I spat. Almost snatching my bag, I got out and shut the door loudly. I started walking towards the hospital building, but it wouldn't have been four steps when he shouted, "Nil!! Wait," I turned around to glare at him as he threw his head back. He craned his neck to look at me, "Sorry," and with that he pulled away, leaving me open mouthed, "Did he just say 'SORRY'?" I mumbled, "Definitely doing drugs,"

New day brings new beginning, that's what I used to think, but now, it all appears to be a lie, a big fat lie. Every morning getting up, eating the same ready-made food, tolerate school, and on the way back, desperately hoping that maybe, just maybe she would open her eyes and say, "Hey sleepyhead... finished your breakfast today?"

and then facing the reality, that was my life.

and there was nothing new, nothing exciting about it.

Morning breeze drifting through the window lifted my dark hair slightly off my shoulder as I drew a clown in the corner of my notebook, who looked a lot like someone I knew, guessed right!!! Rubbing my neck, only I knew how I was bearing that Mr. Smith. He was reminding us about the test on next Friday, and I was sighing with every single word that came out of his mouth. I couldn't believe I was getting nervous even at the thought of test. The feeling of not getting a good grade might not be that important to some people but for me, that meant losing everything.

Not able to take anymore, I closed my eyes and rested my head on the wall behind me. Can you believe I was sitting in the last row today. Being a front bencher, I was feeling pathetic sitting with a Olivia replica, someone with a big, BIG hair, and another guy who was... poking his finger in his nose, ew.

Mum, studies, drama, test, gosh, I almost felt like crying then; remind you I said ALMOST, tears just don't come that easily to me, when a paper ball came whizzing and hit my head.

Flinching, I opened my eyes and saw the little offender quietly staring at me. I grabbed it and looked around for the person who dared, but everyone seemed to be busy. Out of curiosity I unfolded it, and a smile won over my face when I read, 'JUST STAY STRONG' written on the page. I once again, scanned the room but no hint. I stared at the words for a while, not sure it was meant for me or someone else, but it definitely conveyed a lot. For some reason, I folded the paper and put it in my notebook.

Rushing down the alley, I was heading towards locker room. It was lunchtime but I was in no mood to go to halls. I was thinking of issuing few more books from library so I grabbed my student diary and closed the locker. Turning around, I was flipping the pages when someone bumped into me and I stumbled backwards. I reached my hands out for anything to break my fall and grabbed what felt like a t-shirt of whoever walking pass me. The diary fell down, but thank god I was rescued by a pair of hands.

"Now, was I wrong when I said you like melting in my arms?" He smirked while holding me by my waist.

I am taking my thanks back, god

"YES," I hissed, pulling myself up, "Oh hi!!" I said looking behind him and he spun around. Finding no one, he spoke, "Who?!" "My frown," I faked the smile, "It follows you. Comes with you and goes with you," For no reason whatsoever, he started laughing and only one word crossed my mind, "IIIdiiiiot,"

I then glowered at Chris who mouthed a sorry to me for bumping and was now off to tease Mollie. Sighing loudly, I looked around for the diary that fell down but found it nowhere. My gaze darted up to Troy's hand and I frowned, when saw him holding it.

He started flipping the pages and my heart jumped into my mouth. There were some contents that were most definitely not for HIS eyes, "Don't you have any manners," I said while trying to get it back, but as you would have already guessed, I couldn't. He lifted his hands up once again, and him being a giraffe, it was impossible for me to reach it. He started reading the first page, "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, uh-huh"

"I am warning you Troy, give it back," I pointed my fingers at him but it was of no use. He kept his hands up and eyes on the page, "Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. now that's true" I jumped to take it but he quickly stretched himself and once again he was out of my reach, "You can't get it, shorty," "5 feet 4 inch is NOT shorty," I gritted and he smiled, "Really..... Shorty?,"

"Give it baaaaaaaaaack!!!" I screamed and pushed him hard. He lost his balance and the diary was again on the floor. I quickly bent and picked it up before he could. When I looked up, his mouth was open and he was staring at me like I am a crazy Martian or something, "What?" I asked coolly and he kept staring. Looking away from him, I saw Dan coming towards us. "Hey Troy, we need to-" Sam said, "Troy?"


"What?!" He shouted back. "What's wrong with you?!" Sam frowned, "Why are you not listening to me?"

"Because your sister MADE ME DEAF," He growled, covering his precious ears, "They should fit HER on top of ambulances not those sirens," He gritted and Sam chuckled. I do have an Über wish right now. May god shine upon me, his very own child and strangle this son of Satan, Murmuring, I noticed Corner of his lips twitched and it only meant-

"Just walk beside me and be my friend, hmm.. nice line to end with," He started walking backwards still grinning like a pig, "but I don't think anyone will be interested in being YOUR friend," He turned around to see Rachel who was staring at him, "Exxxxcept her,"

"Heyyyyy MONKEY," She said sarcastically and everyone around started laughing. The bell rang and the crowd gathered around scurried off. Troy scoffed and went away with Sam, and I made my way to the history class.


Rehearsals were going to be the most difficult today. Today was the day when flirtation between Fanny and Henry was going to start, that was Me and Troy, the pair made in hell, and also the jealousy of empty-brained Maria Bertram, played by Olivia of course, was to come on surface.

Though it was even hard for me, I didn't have to flirt, I only had to retort back while Troy had to say those 'You have stolen my heart' lines. But It did get awkward for both of us when he had to hold my hand, and I don't know even remember how many times Miss B scolded him for holding like a MAN, not a squid, haha. Well it was not that good for me too, she even scolded me for behaving like a rabbit trying to escape from the hole. In her words,

"It looks as if he is a mucus dripping monster and you are a girl with obsessive compulsive disorder,"

When will she understand we just don't fit together.

"Hey Nil, Where is Rachel?" Shane came where I was standing, waiting for Miss B to be finished with Troy. "I don't know," I shrugged, "Why?" "Oh, Nate was looking for her," "Nate? What for?" "That, you should ask HIM," He motioned towards the door, "Anyway-" He was cut off by the ring of my cell. It was a message from Sam, //I'm standing right outside the spectrum. Come out as soon as possible.

I read it and frowned. Why was he here now? It still was one and half hour before the rehearsals ended. I was free anyway so I went out. He and Nate were standing right outside the door and as soon as I came out they both launched at me with millions of questions. I was not getting anything / It was all mixed so I said, "Guys... one by one," I glanced at frowning Nate, "What's wrong?" and they both fell quiet at that.

It was Dan who finally broke the silence, "Have you seen Rachel?" He asked gingerly.

"No," I replied, "But she must be insi-"

"Jesus!!" He rubbed his forehead, then looked at me, "Nil... James is back, and Nate has seen him here," "What?!!!" I whipped my head to look at Nate and he nodded, " SAM!" I cried, "He even sent her a threat mail yesterday," Before I could finish, he ran inside the spectrum, leaving us waiting outside. After few seconds he emerged, his face flushed with worry, "She is not here,"

"Oh god!" I felt my head exploding, "How can I totally ignore that?" All of it suddenly seemed like my fault. I was the one who asked her to not worry. I slapped my head hard, "If I would have..If I just would have, oh god!!" By that time, I was on the verge of crying and Dan & Nate were looking at me helplessly. Suddenly it flashed, "She was thirsty," I remembered,"She might have gone to halls," I said and ran as fast I could towards the administrative block, both of them following me. Within seconds I reached there and throwing the door open, I rushed in.

We were frantically searching for them everywhere in the halls. I even checked the bathroom but they weren't there. "We should probably go and tell Miss B," Nate said in between his panting and Sam agreed, "She is not here Nil,"

I felt my chest getting heavy even at the thought of her with him. Who knows what he would be doing with her? After another look around, we decided to go back and tell Miss B, and maybe call the cops afterwards. But when I opened the door and was about to step out, I froze listening to sound of utensils falling. All the three of us looked at each other, and then rushed towards the kitchen.

Pushing the door open, a shudder rippled through my body when I saw HIM standing near the counter. Hearing the door open, he turned to look at us. At that moment he looked like an animal to me. Without losing a second, I leaped towards him and that's when I saw Rachel. She was sitting in the corner with knees curled up to her chest.

"Sarah!!" I screamed when I saw the bruise on her head and blood oozing out of her mouth, "You Idiot!!" I swear I would have ripped his head off if Nate wouldn't have stopped me, "Let me go Nate," I roared, writhing in his arm, "I am not going to let him breath anymore," but he didn't loosened.

He silently motioned me to look behind Alex and I saw Sam was stealthily trying to get near him. I then stopped wriggling and Nate left me.

I took a step forward, "Let her go, Alex," I said cautiously, "We don't want any more trouble,"

"Oh, here comes the bridesmaid," A wicked grin crossed his face, "Hello Nil," I could clearly see blood in his eyes, "Wanna die?"

"Look Alex, you can't get away from this," Nate said taking another step forward, "Believe me, you don't wanna do this?" For a second it looked like he was going to give in but then suddenly, he grabbed the knife from the counter and yelled, "Back off,"

"Okay, okay," We screamed taking a step back. The way he was acting right now, I couldn't believe we used to walk pass him every day. I didn't know what had changed him, but he definitely was not in his mind. From corner of my eyes, I could see Sam coming, but he was still afar. Anyhow we had to keep his attention to us.

"We are not coming okay, we are gonna stay here," I tried to engage him in talks, "But please don't do anything to her. For god sake, you loved her,"

"Oh I did," He shook his head violently, "I DID, but her," he pointed at Rachel, making her crawl backwards, "She never did," He moved ahead and grabbed her arm. Yanking her up, he traced the knife around her face, "I gave her everything, but SHE couldn't even forgive a tiny mistake," He licked her ears, "I even gave her time to change her mind, didn't I honey?"

"Rachel," I whispered in fear and he looked up, "But she thought I was kidding," He suddenly turned grave, "And now she is gonna pay," He slowly started turning and moving towards the back door and my breath stuck in my chest. That was from where Sam was coming and if he successfully turned, the result wasn't going to be good. Sam was steps away from him and I knew I had to do something.

"ALEX!!" I shouted, "Leave her," and quickly took few steps forward, which made him stop in his way. "Stay away you bitch," He barked, and placed the knife on her throat, "Or I swear I'll slit her into pieces," My blood ran cold seeing Rachel flinch.

"Please Alex," I almost begged, "Don't do this," and his loud laugh echoed in the room. He grabbed Rachel's hair and yanked it, "She IS going to pay," Right then Sam lunged at him from behind and caught him by surprise. He suddenly left Rachel and attacked Sam. Taking advantage of the situation, I pulled Rachel out of his reach and Nate pounced at him too. One punch made him puke blood, but he had gone absolutely crazy. He wiped the blood off his face and started waiving his knife violently. Neither of them could even get closer to him. He started moving backwards, towards the door but suddenly his feet got caught in the pile of sacks and he stumbled a little. Sam quickly moved forward to take the knife away from him but before he could reach him, James gained his feet back, and with a crooked smile,

He pushed the knife deep into Sam's soft flesh....

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