I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


9. The day

"I always say there is NOTHING like love, but you guys never listen to me. Now see," I rested my head on my hand. After that heated session with Alex, we were sitting in the cafeteria then. I was still a little angry at him.

"Alex is a jerk but that doesn’t mean there IS nothing like love you know," Mollie argued.

I shook my head, "Forget about Alex, who is good then Brian or that... Mike she dated in 9th grade. Remember what he did. The crap he told everyone about her,"

"Okay, there are idiots in this world but that doesn’t mean there are no nice guys,"

"So you have seen... nice guys," I raised my brows, "Listen, each and every one of them is same. All they need is sex and that’s it. Say No to it and see how faithful your ‘good guys’ will stay to you. It’s all about getting what they want,"

"Don’t be biased, Nil"

"I am not biased; I am the only one who actually sees the trut.... Oh god," guess who just entered the cafeteria. I shifted myself and started looking outside the window.

"What happened?" Mollie asked.

"Nothing," I replied quickly, "just enjoying the birds,"

"Enjoying the what!!!" she frowned and then she noticed, "Ooo... so that’s what happened," Her lips twitched and it was my time to frown, "Shut up Mollie,"

"Someone is scared of SOMEONE," Rachel opened her mouth,and it was a good thing that she was finally smiling, but I did not like it.

"I am not scared of him, ugh, It’s just that... not even a day can pass without telling him, "Hey Troy, I am passing. Go annoy her," I said, "And I don’t wanna get into an argument right now. I am already enough pissed," I don't know why they started laughing. I was not kidding. It was so true.

It was like no matter where I hid; he always used to find me to vomit his sickening taunts over me. I mean I am sitting here, in the corner of this big cafeteria, where it will be difficult to find us even with the binoculars but huh, how can he NOT see me, won’t that make my day.

From the corner of my eyes I saw him walking towards where we were sitting but lucky me he didn’t stop. He just passed giving me a hateful stare.

Uh, What have I done to him?

He went to the counter and ordered a cheese sandwich and a soda.

"Make it poisoned," I swear I didn’t mean to be loud BUT…. I was.

Now all I could do was hold my breath and wait for his reply, which came pretty quickly. He looked at me and spat, "Pity the boy who will get YOU," God he is so DEAD

As soon as he took his tray and turned to walk away I pulled my legs out and BANG!!! He was down on the floor. He fell flat on his face and landed on top of his cheeeeeesssssssse burger.

"Oh! Hi Troy," I sneered, "Ouch, it must have hurt,"

He knows how to trigger the evil button in me, doesn’t he? I was somewhat surprised myself. I mean I am not this wicked, but whenever he is around me, the nice and sweet Nil just hides away leaving a really evil and angry Nil to face him. Don’t know why?

I could clearly see the frustration on his face as he slowly got up. Removing the cheese from his face he said, "If Sam wasn’t your brother I swear I would have-"

"Well he IS, and you can’t do anything about it," I said looking in his stupid green eyes. A smile crept on his face and I thought, "What’s with the smile?"

Before I could realize anything he took Michelle’s soda that was lying on the table and poured it, oN mY hEaD

"MAN!!!" I screamed and jumped up as I felt the cold soda on my skin. I shook my head and looked up. I found him snickering and my whole body shivered.

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