I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


6. Love Or Hate

As I entered the porch, I saw Rachel pacing back and forth. I noticed her tear filled eyes and got really tensed, "God Rachel, are you all right?"

"Nil.…" She came running and hugged me tightly. I placed my hand gently on her head and kept stroking her hair hoping it would relax her. She was continuously crying without saying a word and I was getting worried. After few minutes of this tearful session she finally spoke, "Nil.. that Alex..," she sobbed, "He…he..." "What?" first that drama with Troy and now this, "What did he do now?" "He...called me and..." "AND?!" I was a little loud and that made her cry even harder, "Rachel calm down, everything will be alright. You first calm down and tell me what happened?" "What! How can he do that?" She told me everything and it was so unbelievable. I always thought Alex was not a nice person, but I never even imagined that he would scoop so low. He was the one who cheated on Rachel, he was the one who left Rachel, and now finally when she is trying to move on, he comes back. And how dare he threaten her? He WILL pay for it.

"Calm down, he can’t do anything, he WON'T do anything. We are with you," I was still holding her, and god she was shaking, "I will talk to your dad and see what we can do, but you don’t worry okay," "I am scared Nil, you didn’t hear his voice. He was...." her voice trailed off. "Listen, next time he calls you, don’t pick up," Tears were running down her cheek and her eyes turned red, "You know, he..he called me whore and all sorts.."

"Hey, who cares what he calls you, I don’t and I am pretty sure Sam won’t either," I tried to lighten her mood, "Forget about him, and thank god that psycho is out of your life," I wiped her tears, "Now come on, stop crying. You are a strong girl," "But... how can he hate me, Nil?"

I frowned, "Do you expect him to like you?" "After everything we had, he hates me?" She turned her gaze towards me and looked intently for few seconds and whispered, "You have no idea how lucky you are Nil," "Rac-" "You don’t try to please everyone and in the end all you get is ...Hate," Eyes were gazing the sky and she seemed lost.

"Girl, you need to understand that NOT everyone in the world is going to like you, no matter what you do," I was getting a bit upset, " Rachel, there will always be people who won’t like you-" "But I don’t like people not LIKING me," She looked..Defeated and I didn’t like THAT.

"You know what Rachel, please remove those 'I want you to like me' stickers from your forehead and, place them where they will truly do the most good - on your mirror!" I snapped. The people passing by stopped, and were then staring at us, "everyone is looking at us. Let’s go inside," I whispered and went in the house thinking she would follow, but she didn’t. I realized how rude I just acted. She needs support not a speech, Nil. I threw my bag on the floor and ran outside. I saw her crossing the road, "Raacheel," "Wait, I am sorry," I shouted and ran towards her. We were standing by the roadside and she did look hurt. "Sorry, I am just, really upset. That boy, he is messing with my head, but I shouldn’t have reacted like that," I apologized, "I am so sorry, I really am," "He did something again?" She asked worriedly. See, now I know why I am friends with her, she is so sweet, and caring. I narrowed my eyes and hit her playfully on her shoulder, "Weren’t we talking about you?" Before she could say anything, we were interrupted by Sam, "Hey, mouse are you coming to play?"

Play, with him in the team, "I’ll pass," "Wow! Did you just say NO, that’s a first," He did sound surprised.

"Yeah, now leave us alone," "Oo, mouse is upset. What happened, someone took your cheese," He chuckled. I was not in the mood of fighting so I said "just go away,"

"Mood is down, who did THAT," He asked to Rachel standing behind me and I heard her snickering. "You did it!" He grinned, "Thanks man, owe you" Man? Who man? I turned around to see… WHEN the hell HE came. Rachel was still giggling, what is SO funny? I’ll never understand why everyone finds my fight with him funny when I am SO damn SERIOUS.

I looked at HIM, whose name should not be taken, and found him staring back at me with the same intensity as he was in the class. Every word he said came back rushing in my mind and I think it showed on my face too because he was no more looking at me. "We are going for the practice, you sure you are not coming?" Sam asked me. "Yes," I said carelessly and turned around to go inside. "Fine," he looked at Rachel and asked, "YOU alright?" "Yeah she is," I took her arm and almost dragged her inside. "Okayyy, let’s go man"

Troy’s P.O.V

God, the only thing I want right now is to KILL her. She gives me the same disgusting look every time I look at her. Who does she think she is, Queen Elizabeth? I have never seen a girl as irritating as her in my entire life. Oh, she thinks she is so perfect, but I will show her- "Okayyy, let’s go man" Sam disrupted my thoughts. We started walking away, but my mind was still cursing her when he asked, "What did you do?! I have never seen her this furious," Just trying to show the place where she belongs.

"Boy, she is a lady tiger. You mess with her; she will tear you apart. Trust me I know," He smiled. "Sorry but she is a; pain in the-" "Neck," "Well I was going to use.., yeah, something like that," He continued, "I know sometimes she can be-" "Impossible," I gritted and he laughed loudly, "buddy, if you ARE planning to go ahead with this, you better be VERY careful,"

"Hey Sam, I need to ask you something?" "What?" he looked at me. I asked hesitantly, "I hope whatever it is; with HER, won’t affect you & me. I don't want any.. tension in the team," "That's her business not mine," He smiled casually, "Just don’t cross the line, she is still my little mouse," Even though he was acting cool, I could feel the threat that was hidden behind those sweet words. Anyways, I have no plan to cross the line so.

NIL’s P.O.V It was midnight and I was still awake. I was thinking about all the things that happened, the debate, then that James boy, but one thing was bugging me the most.

"Why did Rachel say that?" I was talking to myself, "first mom; now Rachel," Can I really fall for Troy? Eww, even the thought made me feel like puking, but I needed to know. Is this really the kind of hate which will turn into love one day? You know I am a careful girl, I had to do a reality check. I mean, I did felt sorry for him; I know for like a second, but still. So I decided to give the idea a thought.

Umm……… I don’t think he is very handsome, I don’t go aww… over him and I will never choose him over Zac Effron. I don’t forget breathing whenever he is close to me; on the contrary I want to punch him in the FACE, I am not jealous of Olivia or whoever talks to him and I don’t want to hug him and kiss the shit out of him every time I see him (Note – all of these things were told by my very pretty friend Rachel, as signs of crush…. or love, she was not sure which one) So bottom line this was absolute and pure HATE.

Next morning Rachel was back to normal, the bubbly and cheerful Rachel I was used to. This was the most unique feature of her; she could do the mood transition so easily. One second she is sulking, the other sec; she is in full enthu. And she was looking really good in her red leopard print top with a vest. I was slightly jealous of how amazing she can look even when she dressed simple.

We were walking down the hall when we saw Olivia, and as usual she was trying to flirt with someone. I looked over to Rachel and without saying a word we burst out laughing. I didn’t know why we were laughing but for some reason we were. We reached our lockers and we were still laughing. I put my books in and asked, "Why are we laughing?"

"I don’t know," She said between her laughter, "Really, why ARE we laughing? Maybe it's the late effect," "I think you were right, she IS a bimbo. Look at her, still trying to-," "Nil," she poked me. I turned around and there he was, the last person I wanted to see, that creepy Troy with his irritating group. I mean how someone can be friends with idiots like John and Ryan. Even Shane was now no less, and I am pretty sure ten more days with those boys and they will eat up his brain too.

"Hello there," Why is he talking to me? "Whatever," I rolled my eyes and turned my back towards him. "I have heard you never had a boyfriend, really?" he asked coming closer to where we were standing, "I can understand why I mean, look at you, still, NEVER?" And now he was leaning against the locker next to mine. I could clearly feel the amusement in his voice, and that was sending a very dangerous signal to my brain.

"Come on Nil, one punch. He is in your range, one punch and all the Beautiful teeth he is showing right now will be decorating the ground, just raise your hand and BAM!!!'' NO, remember mum’s instruction, ignore him, just ignore him. There is no use in wasting your energy on him, he is a jackass.

"Even Gertie here has a boyfriend, don’t you Gertie?" He said and all of them started snickering. From the corner of my eyes I saw Gertie. Behind her big glasses she was sheepishly smiling showing all of her wired teeth. Everyone used to call her, the queen of all dorks but I didn’t think she was that bad, a little boring maybe but not dork. "Hey Gertie, why don’t you teach her how to look GOOD. I am sure she can use your help," That’s it buddy!!! "I see you are taking interest in me, even trying to help me. Aw, you like me now?" I reatorted, "God, I am SO good," I said in a thick British accent with a hand gesture.

"Me, like you; yeah, IN...YOUR...DREAMS," "Well then THANK GOD I don’t dream," lier lier lier, "about you," now that’s true. I heard Rachel snickering behind me. Wow, HE is making fun of her best friend, IN front of her, and all she is saying is hi hi.

"What are YOU laughing about?" I hissed. "Sorry," she said and turned to him, "I think you should leave her alone," she whispered. Man, she was still smiling and why in the world is HE smiling. Ugh, Sam has infected the whole world. I stomped my feet and walked away leaving all the Idiots behind. "Nil, Nil wait," she came running and almost bumped into me. She placed her hands around my shoulders, "Why are you angry with me?" I shrugged her hands off and she put it back, then I shrugged again anddd.. she put it back, "Fine, I accept my defeat, HAPPY?" She is such a stubborn. Yeah well, she is MY friend.

I folded my hands across my chest and asked, "What was so funny back there?" "Um, Olivia," She quickly said. "I am not talking about that," I gritted and her smile grew wider, "COME ON, I said I am sorry. Now forget about that and let’s talk about... NATE, Hi," I followed her gaze and saw Nate smiling his million dollar smile. He waived to us and we waived back. "Rachel! even for a second, can we focus on me and you; you and me, two best friends who haven’t had a conversation in ages without including names like Troy or James or... Nate and the new comer in the row, Brian," She chuckled, "You get irritated so easily, that’s why he-" I raised my brows, "huh," "Nothing, absolutely no one," I knew who she was talking about so I hit her on her shoulder and this time rather strongly, "Ouch Nil," I could see pain on her face and I was CONTENT. She whined, "I am not YOU, okay. I am a girl," Wha-? Did she just say, I am not a-? I raised my hand again but before I could get to her, she ran away laughing.

Rest of the day went fine as I didn’t face him except for one time in the Mr Bean's class. Someone drew a rat on my bench and I knew for sure it was him but I decided to ignore it and didn’t react. UH, you should have seen his face. He looked like burning from inside when he saw his plan ‘making the bitch angry’ failed. I have always believed in the fact that the best revenge is to not react, because nothing can hurt him more than to know that it didn’t affect me

BUT I also believe in ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ Ha Ha Ha It was last period and I was rushing to the class. As I entered someone bumped into me. All my books fell down. I bent and started picking it up hastily. "Sorry Nil, I am.. really sorry," I looked up to see Nate, who was now picking up my books. "Um..It’s alright " NO it’s not, you are getting late, Nil.

"EVERYTHING is alright for you brother, It’s US the queen is angry with, the rest of us," Someone butted in and it had to be him. "Burn in HELL Troy," My patience gave in and I yelled loud enough for the whole class to hear. He turned around mouthed a ‘YEAH’ and went away.

But how come he knows about..... Racheeeeeeeeeel, where did YOU open your mouth? I realized Nate was looking at me. His eyebrows were raised and he looked surprised but...amused, I think. "Sorry," I said, "He is just..... What are you doing in this class?" "Oh, uh.. I need to talk to Miss Brown," he said while picking the last book and we both got up. He gave me my books, "See you soon," "Um.. Okay," I didn’t get what he meant by seeing soon. "Bye," he waved and went with a smile. Uh, his smile.... DISTRACTIONS, only distractions in this world, Ugh.

"I need you to come over," I was on the phone with Rachel. "What! but I am going to my cousin’s birthday party, I told you,"

"I don’t care," "HITLER," She whined. "Whatever, I am waiting," I cut the phone before she could make another excuse. Actually she was not making excuse this time, she did tell me that she will be going to a 'rocking party', even asked me to come along but I refused, and now I am ruining her’s too, but this also cannot wait.

Sam was watching WWE fights that was coming on TV and even though it was a fight of John Cena, my favourite, I was not interested in watching. I was waiting for Sarah to come. Ding dong ding dong

I jumped up and ran to the door, "What’s wrong with you," Sam frowned. "Shut up," I shouted as I opened the door and saw a fully dressed Rachel standing in front of me. She was definitely angry because her face was red and for a second I thought of letting her go, BUT I controlled my emotions and swung an arm gesturing her to come in. She was wearing a short purple dress with a black strip near waist and looking stunning in it.

"Who is there........OH my my," His mouth hung open when he saw her but then quickly removed his gaze and started watching TV, "What happened to you? If I remember right, rivers used to flow out of your nose," "Eww Sam, didn’t I ask you to shut up," "No seriously, where is that Rachel? I miss her already," He sighed and I could see Rachel was blushing like an idiot, "purple dress and red face, not a good combination Sarah. Now stop blushing and come with me,"

I saw Sam was smiling when I mentioned the blushing part, "And you smiley, stay away from my friend as far as possible,"

"There is only one kind of love, but there are thousands of different copies,"

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