I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


12. Just one bad day

I glanced at the clock and Sam was right. I only had 35 minutes to get ready, have breakfast and even reach school. I slid into my black skinny jeans, a purple colored top and ran downstairs. Mom was already waiting with my breakfast. I took the bowl of cereals from her hand and started eating without even sitting down.

"So mom, what exactly have you made," I giggled while stuffing my mouth, "cereals or the milk?"

"Ha ha, very funny," She retorted, "I WAS going to make something, but then-"

"Whatever, gotta go bye," I kissed her and ran out. I could hear mom yelling about how I never finish my breakfast, but who cares? I just didn't want to be late. A single school bus was to pick all the students so being late would have meant begging Sam, getting scolded by mom and believe me, it's much better to not eat than beg that six feet idiot. I hate that I don't have a driving license and he does.

As soon as I reached the stoppage I saw that my school bus was already waiting and ran towards it.

"Sorry you had to wait," I waved to Paul, our bus driver, as I got on the bus.

Gosh, one more minute could have turned into the Sam drama.

The running put me totally out of breath so I took few deep breaths before moving towards my seat. "Where were you?" Rachel launched, "I even called but you didn't pick up. I made them wait for like ten minutes, you know that,"

"Oh!" I slapped my head and she frowned, "That's how you say thank you,"

"No idiot, actually I left my phone at home," I explained as I sat down, "Thank you, by the way,"

"Yeah whatever," She said putting her arms around my shoulders, "So, what happened last night,"

Here we go.....

The whole way she was continuously asking me questions about last night, even though I already told her like everything. Can you believe she even asked me the color his shirt, color of his shirt, uh. She can be so irritating sometimes; but then that's why I love her. My house was not very far from our school but I always used to take bus. It was fun. That was the time when Michelle, Rachel and I used to catch up with our girly gossips

"What are YOU thinking about?" Rach snapped me out. "Oh, nothing, just about... us," I smiled.

"Okayyy," She narrowed her brows, "anyway, we are already here so keep your lesbians thought to yourself and let's go," She got up, grabbing her bag.

"What?!!" I looked at her in shock, "I was talking about us like friends, ugh," As we got off the bus she turned to look at me, "Nil, I accept you for whoever you are, straight orr....." She trailed off, rolling her eyes. I puckered my eyebrows and punched her playfully, "I hate you," Leaving her there, I started walking away. She came running and hugged me from behind. She started tickling me and we both started laughing not caring for the people who were eying us. They must have thought I am, you know what.

After all this hi hi, we made our way to the hall. As we were walking, I looked around and noticed how unusual the school looked. The playground, the parking lot were all empty and it looked like absolutely different place, "I like it this way,"

We reached the hall and entered. It was full with students, some faces we knew, some we didn't. As my eyes wandered, I noticed Nate. He was standing near stage, wearing a classy white shirt & a blue denim jeans looking.... uh.

He was talking to someone and suddenly he looked at me. He smiled, I smiled and then, I saw the person he was talking to. With an amusing look on his face and a mischievous grin on his lips, standing there was Troy, looking once at both of us one by one. I looked at him in irritation and whoa! Did he just wink at me?!

Someone must have hit his head hard.

I scoffed and turn towards Rachel, but found her busy in Brian. The list of all the cast was supposed to be out so I made my way to the announcement board.

I literally hit my head with a stone when came to know that the role of Henry Crawford was given to Troy.

Oh man, I am going to have a lot of not so good scenes with him. We all were waiting for Miss B to come and she was as usual late.

After 15 minutes of waiting she finally arrived, but went out again, giving us a 'sort of script' to read. She asked us to go through it and get to know our characters. I skimmed through it and realized it was not as bad as I thought.

Like she told, the plot was changed a bit and the character of Fanny was made more confident and outspoken. Grezze was given the role of Susan; Fanny's amazing sister, Sarah the role of Mary Crawford, a stuck up girl who Edmund would fall for and Ria was Julia Bertram, so my three good friends were in the play and I was very happy about it, but another blow was Olivia being Maria Bertram, the 'BITCH'. Both Julia and Maria were sisters of Edmund Bertram, Fanny's childhood crush which was to be played by Nate, and last but not the least, Henry Crawford. Henry's part was not exactly clear in the script, might be because he was the last addition. As I finished reading it, Miss B entered the class.

"Come on children, pay attention to me now," She said, "You all have got the script and I know it's not complete but don't worry. We will start our rehearsals and in the mean time I will try to finish it," She was now standing on the stage addressing to all of us. She took the script that was lying on the table and opened her mouth to say something but before she could utter anything, Olivia interfered, "Miss B, will we get to choose our clothes?"

"NO," Miss B looked at her irritatingly; "Now let's discuss the play, shall we?"

We were all now seated on the chairs in front of stage and she started to tell us about the plot.

"So the play is mainly about a girl falling for a boy who considers her; 'just a friend'. Yeah, quite common nowadays, isn't it? Anyway, there are some twists and turns in their life," She explained, "A girl comes in Edmund's life and a boy comes in Fanny's life. How this changes the relationship between these two friends, this is what this play is about. I have changed the storyline a bit so it will be modern and more today's. The way dialogs are, is more contemporary so I think it will be easier for you to remember,"

She continued in the usual Miss B's style, hands floating in the air and speaking with a touch of who knows what kind of accent, "The main casts are Nate playing Edmund; there he is, Troy as Henry; where are you lad? Oh yeah! there, and Nil; standing here with a lovely grim on her face," She sighed and everyone started laughing, including me. But hey, what was I supposed to feel when I came to know that I would have to romance with Nate AND!!! wait for the main part, Troy. Better die, Nil

"Now let's get the party started," She started clapping and we all knew we had to follow. That was one of her freaky traditions that I have no interest in telling you about.

All the main casts gathered on stage and the rehearsal started. The first scene was of Julia and Maria getting ready for a party at a friend's house. Miss B was directing Ria and Olivia on where to stand, and how to speak. There were quite a few scenes before mine, so I was just chilling in the back.

"You nervous," Someone said and I snapped to my right to see a smiling Nate. "Nah, not nervous. I will nail it" I smiled looking at him then gazed at my feet, "but yeah, all of this is a little.. awkward, that's it,"

"Nil, Nate, you are next," Someone called and I looked up. He smiled another one of his breathtaking smiles, "It'll be alright after sometime. For now, let's go,"

We went in the center of the stage and someone showed me the part we were supposed to enact. It was a scene where Fanny and Edmund are sitting in her room, more specifically, she sitting and he lying on the bed, and Fanny is telling him about this story she wrote. Later I even had to read a para out loud from the story.

"Everybody thought that it was the end, but her," I read, "She knew, and believed that it was just a beginning of another chapter in her life, and not an end," I slowly closed the book and looked at him, "So what do you think,"

"Perfect!!" Miss B exclaimed, almost jumping out of her chair, "See, I told you; you will be good Nil, amazing," I smiled feeling a bit relaxed. As we got up Nate said, "You did nail it,"

I looked at him and gave myself little airs, "Told ya," and we both started laughing. We were coming down the stage when Miss B called, "Nil wait," She came towards where we were standing, "that was really good, bravo,"

I saw 'someone' scoffing, and my smile grew bigger, "Thank you, Miss B,"

"Now let's do a scene with Troy,"

Wait, what?!! All my grinning evaporated in a second. At that sec I really did wish, I was a witch. I have heard, they can vanish into thin air or something. It would have been so helpful BUT, I had no such power; in spite of whatever John thinks, so the only thing I could do was calm down and bore him as long as I could.

After sometimes I realized, I needed not to be so nervous. Troy proved to be a big blunder and Miss B's face was just watchable. I was smiling inside the whole time Miss B tried to explain 'things' to him. Miss B was trying again and again, and he was doing the same mistakes over and over. It was getting really hard for me to keep my laughter inside. After few minutes of his idiocy Miss B sighed, "Nil, he is your partner. Deal with him,"

The sparrow took away my smile and I cried, "WHAT!! NO, Miss Beee..."

"It's just four lines. Not a big deal," Yeah, not a big deal, then why don't you...., ugh. Miss B left me with him and went to check on other students.

I scratched my head and turned to look at him, "Uhm... wh-what's the problem?" I asked hesitatingly. I have never, ever talked to him nicely before so that was pretty tongue-tied.

"Problem? Nothing," He shrugged and looked me in the eyes. I immediately shifted my gaze, "Really, then why didn't-" I started to get angry but then calmed myself down, "It's just four lines-"

"Yeah I can see,"

"SHUT UP!" I stared at him, "and listen to me. You have to deliver these dialogues in a very casual way, like... you are talking to a friend,"

"YOU...," He raised his brows, "my friend," leaned down; bringing his face inches away from mine and said, "NEVER," Such an asshole.

I backed a little before saying, "Are you good in anything? I mean no senses, no manners and apparently no talent," I hissed, "Why can't you just remember these four damn lines,"

For reasons unknown and very irritating to me, he started smiling, "Oh and you are so good in remembering lines, right?" He took a step closer and was again TOO close to me. I don't know why does he always do that, I mean he does know that I hit, right?, "then say this, Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?"

My jaw dropped and I blinked few times, "WHAT?!!!"

"Or this, through three cheese trees, three free fleas flew. While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew. Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze. Freezy trees made these trees' cheese freeze. That's what made these three free fleas sneeze. Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?"

"CHEATER, those are two different-"

"No it's not, and go ahead, say it"

"Fine," I huffed, "I will try the second of the second one," I took a deep breath and started, "Can you can a can... as a... can a can a can,"

He smirked, "Loser, one more chance. I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish."

"Now that I can do," I pointed my fingers and took another deep breath, "I wish.. to wish.. the wish you wish.. but if you wish.. the wish witch wishes... I won't wish the wish you wish to wish, booyah!!"

"Sorry to break your castle princess but NO, you are still a loser,"

"NO!! I said it all," I whined before trying again, "I wish to wish the wish you wish, but if you wish-"

He shook his head, "Nah,"

"I wish to wish the wish.. you wish- ugh, you know what, go to hell," I stomped my feet and walked away. I heard him laughing out loud and I got really frustrated at myself. "I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish but of you wish-" No no no "I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish but if you wish-"

"Stuff the wish!!!" Rach almost shouted. I immediately stopped 'wishing' and started 'looking', "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Not with me, something is wrong with YOU? I am listening to that crap, wish to wish for the last 20 minutes and I am done with it," She did look irritated.

"Fine, you didn't need to shout. You could have just asked me," I said looking at the people who were now on stage practicing. She got hold of my chin and turned my face towards her, "RACJEL," I frowned.

"Nil, I did 'just' ask you, but you were too busy chanting that mantra," She left my face and scrutinized my face, "What's with the obsession?"

"Nothing," I said turning my head to look at him. Rachel frowned and said, "Anyway, I have to tell you something-" Oh god, he is looking at me, and what's with the smile. I can't believe he is still smiling. Yeah, I couldn't do it but what's the big deal. He is not that good himself. Hah, he couldn't even deliver four lines. Okayyy, and what if he is smiling for a different reason? Nil, you are just acting silly.

Ughh, stop thinking about him.

I shook the thoughts out and turned towards Sarah but realized she was gone. Actually most of the students were gone. I was so lost in my reverie that I couldn't even realize, the bell had already rung while I was 'wishing the wish'. I grabbed my bag hastily and ran outside.

"OH GOSHHH!!" My heart almost stopped beating when I saw the bus.. was... GONE. I angrily threw my bag on the ground , "why didn't Rachel- Oh god, that's what she was trying to tell me,"

So Rachel was gone with Brian, the bus was gone with... everyone else, and I was.... huh, "Why do I always need to take Sam's help?" I picked my bag up and dusted it off. I opened it and searched for my phone.

I suddenly snapped, "No way this is happening," It was then I realized that I, Nil the great, left my phone, at home. Bravo Nil, just perfect!!!

"So now I will have to march past, great," I hunched my bag over my shoulder and started walking, "It's a  liberty walk Nil, just walk for yourself,

I am an athlete so walking that long is not a big deal for me. I was actually enjoying it, walking on the street, humming Miley Cyrus’s song, watching people doing their thing…. which includes fighting too, "Nice," I uttered as I saw a couple arguing over something, "that is love baby, LOVE,"

I really was enjoying it all until I heard a horn and turned around to see a black colored BMW sedan. I knew exactly whose it was so I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

"Hey loser, where is your million dollar bus,"

"Go away Troy," I said without looking at him.

"You planning to walk all the way," He shouted, "loser,"

"Hey," I snarled, "If I am a loser; then you are a cheater and YES, any problem," I started walking faster hoping he would go away, but no. He is a leech.

He was driving so slow that it was matching my pace and I was getting really irritated, "I don’t really want to, but if your brother will come to know that I left you here, walking all alone, he might get angry,"

Okay, that's it. I stopped, crossed my arms across my chest and looked at him, "WOW!! Your way of saying ‘can I help you’ is really nice, but no thanks. I also don’t ‘really’ accept help from people who doesn’t wanna help me. So go away," I let my arms loose and started walking backwards, "CHEATER,"

A mischievous smile crossed his face and I frowned. I huffed and turned around, but before I could take another step,


I hit something hard and my legs stumbled backwards. I panicked as I felt the ground disappearing beneath me. Seconds later, I hit the ground and god, it hurt.

"Crap!!" I heard him exclaiming. He opened his door and rushed towards me, "Are you alright?"

With my eyes closed, I growled, "Never been better," I hate that question, how can someone be alright in a situation like this, and when you know she/he is not alright, why ask?

"You need help, you are crazy," He said and kneeled beside me, "Come on," He placed his hand behind my head and helped me sit up. Removing his hands, he said, "Come on I will drop you off,"

"No thanks, I am fine," I said shrugging the dust from my hair but I was completely lying. I was so not fine; my leg ached with even a little bit of movement.

He stared at me for a couple of seconds and then shook his head, "Whatever," He got up and started going towards his car. I grabbed my bag and tried to get up. A jolt of pain crept up my spine and I winced, "Aaaooo…"

He stopped in his way, looked up in exasperation and turned around, "Still fine?"

"YES!! Now you just go," Oh god mom is right, I AM stubborn.

Anger crossed over his face and he hissed, "You and your ego," He suddenly started moving towards me. Before I could understand anything, he placed his hands, one around my waist and another under my knees and started to lift me up.

"What the hell are you doing?! Heyyy, get your hands off me" I screamed and started hitting his hands. This made him stop in the middle. He looked at me and scowled, "I seriously have no more interest in touching you than you have in being touched by me, so calm down"

"I said put me down Troy," I squealed wriggling in his arms, "PUT ME DOWNNNNN"

"SHUT UPPPPPP!!!!" He roared and for a sec I almost stopped breathing, "You ARE coming with me so just SHUT UP," He was angrily looking at me and I, was… quiet like a kid. He then picked me up and carried me to his car. He opened the door without even putting me down and gently placed me on his seat. It took me by surprised when he turned the child lock on before closing the door.

Did he really think I will open the door and run away? god, I am that childish.

"No way," I rolled my eyes and started looking outside the window as he drove. The sun was setting and the coldness in air was tickling my face. As we whizzed along the streets, I was utterly in awe. I will have to admit he had a really nice car, and I think even he knew that I am actually enjoying the ride. I could see him smiling a little from corner of my eyes.

The ride seemed like way too quick. Before I could grasp everything, we already were home. I waited for him to open the door but he didn’t move. Instead he hesitatingly said, "We have reached your house, you know that right?"

I snapped my head to look at him, "Yeah, and the ‘child lock’ is on too," He pressed his lips in amusement and opened his side of the door.

I could see him smiling as he got out of the car. I kept staring him as he crossed and came to open the door. He was still giggling and that made me smile too. I am telling you his smile is contagious.

"That was not funny by the way," I said as I grabbed my bag. "Well I think it was," He smirked as he helped me get out. He took my bag from me and closed the door. My leg was not hurting that much but I was still limping. He suddenly took my arms and placed it around his shoulders. He then locked his arms around my waist and left me literally shocked at this action, but he seemed very casual. I kept staring at him as we walked, together.

Oh god, this is so awkward. Why did he need to do this? I can walk on my own, or maybe not, but this is just.., idiot. Man!! It’s even tingling

"You know what," I blurted, slipping from his arms, "it’s okay; I can go from here," He looked at me in surprise, and then handed me my bag. I grabbed it and turned around quickly. I opened the door and was about to go inside when he said, "Is it ‘that’ hard?"

I spun around, "What?"

"Saying THANK YOU"

"What?! NO!" I groaned, "Okay maybe, especi-" "Oh my god" A faint voice cut me off.

"Sam, is that you?" I yelled but no one answered, "Sam!!"

"I am gonna go see what happened, see you tomorrow then," I said to Troy and right then I heard it again, It was quite clear this time. It definitely WAS Sam and suddenly he screamed, "MOM!!"

"Mum?!," I snapped. Throwing my bag on the floor, I rushed upstairs, "What happened?!". I ignored the pain running was causing me and climbed the stairs hastily. His voice was growing louder and louder, and my heart started beating faster, "Sam, where are you?" I shouted.

"Nil!! Here," his quivering voice came from mom’s room and I could tell that he was nervous. I climbed the last stair and ran towards her room. I threw the door open and there she was, lying on the floor.

"MUM!!!!!!!" My loud cry echoed in the room.

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