I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


7. Horror

Sam's P O V

"Who is there........OH my my," I couldn’t believe my eyes. WAS she RACHEL? My mouth hung open when I saw her. I was really surprised to see this look of her. She was looking……….beautiful if I must say. I quickly shifted my gaze from her to the TV as I realized I was staring at her for too long, way more than I should have.

Whoah, what happened to her? I have seen her so many times before but I never felt THIS way about her. I have never thought she is beautiful or anything, what is happening? She is like a little sister to me, isn’t she?

"purple dress and red face, not a good combination Sarah. Now stop blushing and come with me," Nil disrupted my thoughts.

"She is blushing?" A smile crept on my face, "Seriously, she is blushing?" I tried to see her from the corner of my eyes and found Nil staring back, "Shit,"

She grunted, "And you smiley, stay away from my friend as far as possible,"

'I am going to break all the teeth of THAT mouse.'

They went in their room leaving a quite puzzled me alone. I still was quite surprised at the way I reacted in front of Sarah. "You are not a 15 year old, Sam," I muttered. I was no more interested in watching what was coming on TV. WHY, was all I was thinking about. I have known her since we were little, like four or something. What is different now? Yeah, she has grown up but…..uh.

"Hey honey," mom said to me as she opened the main door and came in, "where is Nil?"

"Oh, she is in her room with Rachel, and why are you late?" I asked as I took her purse and placed it on the table. I handed her a glass of water and sat with her on the sofa.

"Too much work, got stuck in the school," She drank the water and got up, "I am gonna change," Being a biology teacher in Clarendon meant a lot of work. Sometimes, she even had to work in weekends.

I knew she would be hungry so I went in the kitchen to bring something to eat. I was placing salad in the plate when mom came in the kitchen.

"I can do it, why don’t you go upstairs and bring them down," she said , "Let’s see what happened TODAY in the school," And we both started laughing. We both knew that something HAS to happen. Nil without any drama, NOT possible.

I climbed the stairs and went to her room, well it was more of their room. I was still little reluctant to face Rachel.

The door was open and I found them fighting with each other. That was quite a surprise because I had never seen them fighting, ever.

This was one in million chance so I decided to tease them a bit. I said,


As soon as we reached my room, I closed the door and turned to look at her.

"YOU my dear," I grabbed her nose, "You are dead, you know that" and squeezed it. She screamed "aaaaaaoo Nil, are you out of your mi.. aao.." she tried to wriggle out of my grip but failed.

"what the actual hell ?," She made an effort to grab my hair but I jumped back quickly and squeezed her nose again, "OMG Nil…"

"WHAT?" I said angrily, "I am being kind that I am not killing you,"

She frowned, "at least tell me what have I DONE, idiot" Her nose was now red so I left it and put my hands on my waist. Is that the only reason why you backed? 'Her nose was red' Naaah, I am not that kind. Like I already told you, she can be a bitch sometimes, especially when she is angry, and THAT she WAS. First I ruined her party and now this,

"Who did you tell?" I pointed my finger at her.

"Tell what?"

"About NATE," I grumbled and went to sit on the bed. She was still standing near the door.


"Um.. No one," So she DID tell someone. She was facing me but I saw her hands going behind her back and slowly opening the door. Trying to be SMART,eh.

Before she could put even a step out I lunged at her. I grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back, but I was careful enough not to hurt her. She still WAS my very sweet and very caring best friend, who DEFINITELY has a big mouth, "now, where did you open your mouth Rachel?"


"Where did you open your mouth Rachel?"

"Ouch…Nil, uh...." She squealed, "Nowhere..," She IS stubborn, and a big drama queen. I mean I am even not holding her that tightly, but hey, I am no less.

"WHO DID YOU TELL, Rachel?" I shouted in her ears, just to scare her and it worked. The name came out of her mouth and it was, "Chris…,"

"Yesterday, after the lunch," She closed her eyes and frowned, "It just came out of my mouth, but I swear I asked him to tell no one,"

She opened one eyes and peeked at me, "I am sorry, Nil," I got a little pissed, she shouldn’t have told him. I unhanded her and stared out of the window. The sun was down and it left a reddish tint in the sky which felt kind of sad.

"Do you know who he told," I turned towards Rachel who was looking at me innocently, "Troy," I gritted, "he almost told the whole class, including Nate,"

"He did?" Her eyes bugged out but I swear I saw a smile creeping on her lips which she hid quickly.

"You find it funny, huh. You find it FUNNY?" I pushed her on the bed and climbed on top of her. I grabbed both of her hands with one hand and her neck with other, obviously playfully. But it was not easy, she is a strong girl. In a husky voice I whispered, "Make your last wish missy, coz you are going to die,"


We didn’t notice when Sam opened the door and was now frowning at us. "Even if we are, SO?" I made a grimace and climbed out of the bed. I looked at Sarah and the next thing we knew was that Sam was running away from us, his hand in air screaming, "MOM…. mom..….," such a baby, and both of us were chasing him.

He can’t come in MY room, make fun of Us and walk away with it. He had to pay for it and he sure did. The next day Rachel, Greeze, Mollie and I were climbing stairs to reach the third level. It was not like elevators were not in our school; it’s just only teachers could use it. We, students had to use stairs. I still don’t understand what was the purpose of that rule, maybe torturing us, that is what school is for, isn’t it?

Anyway, third was our floor which often described as juniors floor, fourth was senior’s, first and second was freshmen’s and sophomore’s respectively. When we reached the second level we stopped to let Mollie gather her breaths, she was what you can say, a little weak. She didn’t hear, did she? Thank god,

"Good morning," I heard and twirled to see Miss Brown coming towards us in her red overcoat and a yellow hat. What kind of color combination is that??!!

"Girls, have you decided yet?" She asked as she came close.

"Don’t worry Miss B, we will," I answered carelessly. She can be so forceful sometimes. If she wants something, she will MAKE you do it, even if you don’t want to. How am I going to make her my favorite?

"See you later," I waved bye to the girls and made my way to the class.

I reached my classroom and saw Troy standing at the door. He and his minions were laughing about something. Seriously, I was trying my best to ignore him, but his snotty comments were just too hard to digest. I felt like puking every time I looked at him.

"Side plz," I said coldly. "huh?" he turned around and frowned when he saw me. I narrowed my eyes, "I have to go inside,"


"So get the hell away from the door," I scowled. Everyone else made way but he, he didn’t even move an inch.

"Are you going to-" "NO," He leaned against the door.

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever," and moved ahead trying to slide from the side, but he quickly put his hand across the door and blocked it.

I looked at him and snarled, "Really?" I got irritated and pushed his elbows downwards, and THAT made him stumble. I sneered and went in. "Dammit," I heard him growling and that gave me a beyond comparison satisfaction. Yes!! I won, but there was one more thing I had to sort out before feeling relaxed.

I sat on my bench and smiled, "Hey Chris," "Hi..." he looked at me suspiciously, "you sure you are THE Nil, becoz SHE never greets us," "Yes, I AM," I turned to look at him and gritted "I am just in a really good mood,"

"Okaayy," He slowly started to get up. I put both of my hands on his shoulder, "Oh, where are you going dear," "Whatever it Is, I am not the one who did it," He explained even before I asked anything, and he looked scared. God, I do have talent.

"Did Rachel tell you something?" I questioned. "No," "Really? You are saying she didn’t, she said she did, Who do you think I will believe?"

"Me," great, now he is smiling.

I fixed my gaze on his face and asked sternly, "Did you tell Troy?" "WHAT?" He truly looked surprised, "I SWEAR I didn’t tell Troy about You and-" aww.. look at his face. "Me and?" I raised my brows, "She didn’t tell you anything, did she?"I hit him on his head.

He scratched his head, "Yeaaah she did, but I didn’t tell no one," He sounded genuine, "maybe he heard us when she was telling me," Well THAT actually can happen. With a creep like him, it CAN happen. He is like…omnipresent, especially to the places where something about I is being revealed.


Your POV

Second period ended and Rachel was collecting her instruments hastily. She raised her head and noticed that most of her class mate had already left.

"I can’t believe Mr. Copeman will do this to me," She muttered with a frown, "Rachel, YOU WON'T LEAVE THIS CLASS UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THIS EXPERIMENT, huh"

Everybody was gone including Mr. Copeman and the lab was empty now. She looked around and noticed that it was quite big a room. With all the bones and dead specimen, the room appeared even more scary. She never felt scared before in this lab but yeah, she never was alone too.

"Okay Mr. Skeleton, you can’t scare me now. I am going, bye," She grabbed her instrument box and ran out of her biology lab. As she reached the door, she saw James standing there with both of his hand placed on the doorframe. "Hello Rachel," He said without moving, "Long time no see. Where is your savior by the way?" He smiled devilishly.

Her heart started beating faster and her hands were getting cold. "Wait; don’t tell me she is not here," He acted concerned, "Man, who will save you from me now?"

"Let me go Alex," She clenched her jaw.

"Tell me when are you coming back to me and I will let you go, BUT-," "I didn’t leave you Alex, you DID,"

"So when are you coming back?" He asked as if he didn’t hear what she just said.

"Never," She gritted and tried to go out the door. Alex quickly grabbed her arm and nailed her to the door.

"You listen to me," His eyes were red with anger and his grip was strong, "You will come back to me, OR I will make your and your little friend’s life a living HELL," "Why are you doing this," tears filled her eyes as she felt the pain he was causing. He removed his hands from her arms and put it on the both side of her, "I Love You Rachel and I know that you do too," He looked in her eyes so intensely that she felt like for a second her heart stopped beating. He broke the silence and spoke, "That Brian is forcing you to go out with him, isn’t he? I know he is, but you don’t need to worry. I will take car-,"

"Hey Rachel, you all right," She snapped her head to see Nate standing there. Alex quickly removed his hand and said, "Yes she is," Nate was a strong guy and a coward like him will never want to mess with him.

"I didn’t ask YOU, did I?" Nate gritted, "I know what kind of man you are," Rachel slowly walked up to him, "Let’s go Nate,"

"Yeah, go away Nate and it's none of your business so stay away too," Alex started walking away. Nate moved ahead and blocked his way. "Next time I see you near her," He held his collar, "Let’s just say, you WILL regret it," and pushed him away. Nate turned around to ask Rachel, "Brian knows about him, right?"

She mumbled, "Yes,"

"Then where is he? He should be with you," He noticed that Rachel face fell so he changed the subject, "Any ways see you later,"

She narrowed her eyes, "Later! Where are you going? You have the same class as me,"

"You will get to know," He smiled and patted her shoulder, "Take care of yourself" Nil's POV

Even though the fest was after few months, Miss B was getting desperate. She started taking extra classes and was continuously bugging us with, "Have you decided? Have you decide,"

Today, she asked our batch to gather in the SR hall, just before the lunch. So we gathered in the hall but as usual she was late. She doesn’t even care that it can actually hamper our studies. I had to miss my chemistry class for this, and that sucked. Thermodynamics was going to be discussed and I was not that good in it, it’s so boring. I am more of a Math and physics girl, but I couldn’t believe that Troy was giving me competition even there. I never had to fight to be on top of the list but now, it was like the race between America and Russia. The only difference was, that was arm race and this was… well everything race.

The hall was buzzing with all the students in it. Someone was flying paper jet, some were singing. Olivia, my dear friend, was BUSY in BOYS. Ria Grezze and I were discussing about our plans for the annual fest and the After Ball, when a paper ball came flying and hit the top of my head. I turned around to see John acting all sheepish. Before I could utter anything Grezze snapped, "You DO wanna die, don't you?" I chuckled and frowned at her. So they are the one who are responsible for my 'so good' image.

I looked at him AND couldn't say anything, again. This time Miss Brown entered the class so I gave him an angry gaze and turned around.

"Class, so sorry if I disturbed you but I had to make an important decision slash announcement," She said in her usual tone with her hands floating in air as there IS NO gravity. Man! Physics is still in my head. No seriously her hands had their own mind. Even when she talks about something sad, they still float in the air as they are in Disneyland enjoying a rollercoaster ride or something. Sorry for being mean but it’s IRRITATING.

"Remember, I asked you people for a movie name which you all failed to give me and went on a different track, yeah that one. Finally I have decided, and already told in different classes that it will be," She stopped, turned towards band and said, "drum roll please," Told ya, irritating,

I looked at her as she opened her mouth in a very dramatic way and said,


Cut my throat, A LOVE STORY!!!

No no no, not a love story. If she had to choose Jane Austen’s, there ARE better novels, which don’t even include that much of a love story.

"Why not Pride and Prejudice?" I grimaced, "At least Elizabeth Bennett is strong,"

"EVERYYYTIME, you HAVE to open your mouth," guess WHO shook his head. I frowned when I saw him standing next to me to my left. I looked up in his bluish green eyes….... ANGRILY of course, and waved my hand to hit his arms. He quickly pulled his arms up and my sort of punch landed on his stomach.

"Aao.." He closed his eyes and his expression quickly changed from pain to anger, "What kind of girl ARE you," he hissed.

"A strong one," Well liar I am, or have become since I met him. I AM strong, but when I hit HIM, gosh it was like I hurt my own hand. His stomach was so like... hard. A picture of shirtless Taylor Lautner appeared in front of my eyes, not in a sexy way, like a very hard and very….. I don’t know way.

"YOU TWO," Miss B scowled, "STOP IT. Why are you guys always fighting?"

"She started it," He quickly pointed at me.


"Really?" She seemed surprised and amused, "Well then your punishment is that you will do the role of-," "What? NO" I protested, "Watching a love story is bad enough, I can’t bear being in it."

"You should have thought that before you hit him," She smiled sarcastically, "And not only being in it. You are going to be, the stubborn Fanny Price"

Oh Crap Oh Crap OH CRAP!!!!

I cried inside but brought a creamy smile on my face, "I can’t do it, Miss B. I DON’T have that talent-" "I know you can so don’t worry, and trust me," Trust you grr. I hate myself for the time I ever performed on stage.

"I have already decided the rest of the cast," She was facing other students now, "Some of them you may know, some of them may not know," How can she decide all of it without any audition? Whatever, all I cared for was ‘how can I make her change her mind’ "Okay, rest of the cast will be-"

"It will be nice to see you all humpy grumpy on the stage," Troy whispered with a hand gesture mocking me. I didn’t look at him, he is worthless anyways. He looked at me again and said, "Hey, you will have to wear those long gowns and act all girly too, ha ha, NICE,"

I looked up in exasperation '"WHY god, why me?" I was about to turn towards him when I heard, "Ignore him," I snapped my head to my right and saw Nate leaning against the wall with his eyes at me. He leaned closer and whispered, "He is just trying to make you angry,"

"And.. what are you doing here?" I was confused. He was not supposed to be here, "You are not in Miss B’s class with us," He raised his eyebrows and motioned me towards Miss B. She was taking the name and I freaked out when I heard, "Edmund Bertram will be…… Nate Jones," My head literally started spinning. So that’s what he meant by seeing soon.

"Any problem," Nate asked pressing his lips together. I knew he was trying to hide his smile. I acted like nothing happened and asked, "You already knew?" He nodded, "Yeah, Miss B told me about you and me,"

"She already had decided,"


"So there is no way she will change her mind," I whined "I don’t think so," He smiled and wrinkled his nose, "Looks like you ARE stuck, and that also with me,"

"Well, well, well," Troy butted in, "lucky her," I looked at him grimly, "Can you keep your mouth shut for even a second," "No," He smiled ,"and you can do nothing about it……, mouse"

Woah I am telling you, I could have killed him right then and there, but I saw Miss B looking in our direction and changed my mind. That person was too busy mocking me and didn’t see Miss B, who was now standing behind him.

"Mr TEMPER," She shouted in his ear and he jumped like….10 feet. He gritted, "Who the hell…." and turned, "Oh...yes.. Miss B,"

"Her fault huh?" She crossed her arms across her chest, "You know, both of you are just...Impossible. Everyone knows about you two," She turned towards me, "You Nil, you are so sensible in all the other things. Why do you-"

"Yeah, she opened her mouth first," He shrugged, "it’s her fault,"

"It’s my fault?" I was angry now

"Of course it is,"

"You liar"

Miss B shook her head, "And you HAD to correct her, didn’t you Mr. Walker?" "BUT it was not my fault Miss B," I whined

"You ARE responsible for all of it,"

"NO, I am NOT,"

"Nothing would have happened if you just kept your mouth closed,"

"How about you keep your stupidity to yourself,"

"SHUT UP!!!!!!" this was Miss B and she..was… ANGRY, "you two; just shut up," She raised her hand and tried to calm herself down, "Nil, you ARE doing the play, that’s final and YOU," She frowned, "I was going to accept your request but I don’t think I am anymore," She said, "You are going to be in the play too. I’ll decide later which role you'll have," She went away leaving an open mouthed Troy there.

So he already told Miss B that he won't. Hmm, Smart donkey he is.

Now it was my turn. I looked at his face, "Hey Troy," He grimaced, "What?" I smiled my cute smile and said, "CONGRATS,"

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