I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


11. Him!?

"Bitch," I heard him growling and rolled my eyes. I want a nice dream right now, not another nightmare.

I went upstairs and lay down on the bed but for some reason couldn't sleep. After few minutes of just lying there I finally got up and went to wash my face. When I was coming out of the bathroom I saw someone on the front porch so I went near window and slowly removed the curtains. I almost burst out laughing when I saw Troy pacing back and forth, back and forth and finally sitting on the stairs, with his head in his hand.

An as usual impeccably dressed him sitting on my stairs, god it was just way too funny for me to handle. I was laughing so hard that my stomach started hurting.

"Poor soul," I grinned, "Why did you mess with me?" Sam's POV

As mouse was sleeping mom asked me to come along with her. After the shopping when we returned I saw Troy sitting on the stairs, "Dude, what you are doing here? I asked you to wait inside, didn't I?"

"Your sister's kindness," He looked like he was ready to kill someone and I felt bad for him. "You must be Troy," Mom who was standing behind me suddenly spoke.

"Yes ma'am, and you must be Sams mom," He said and reached out to shake her hands, "Nice to meet you,"

"Nice to meet you too. And I am really sorry for my daughter's rudeness, she is a little.... Well let's go in," Mom said while opening the door.

"Seriously sorry man. I asked you to come over and... mom asked me you know, so, yeah," I apologized as we went inside the house. I had to discuss some game strategies that's why I called him over but I didn't know the stupid mouse would act like that.

When we finished our discussion it was a little late so mom asked him to stay for dinner and surprisingly he stayed. I absolutely didn't expect him to agree. His father was very like strict kinda. He had these rules and one of them was that Troy couldn't stay outside the house after 9 pm. It sucked; we couldn't even enjoy a party properly, so he staying was quite surprising for me.

"Bro, what about your father," I asked concernedly.

"Oh, don't worry. He is... off to Brazil," He waved his hand imitating the movement of airplane and we both started laughing. Nil's POV

"Mom, I am really hungry you know that," I said while coming downstairs, "its already late and you-" I turned around and my eyes grew bigger when I saw HIM sitting on the couch. I rubbed my eyes just in case I was hallucinating or something but nah. As soon as I realized it was not a hallucination I took a 180° turn and ran upstairs, but before I could reach my room mom replied, "Dinner is ready, come on,"

"KILL ME," I huffed. Controlling my anger I came downstairs, again and found him looking at me with the devilish smile on his face. "What is HE doing here?" I sneered as I sat down.

He grinned, "I can hear you, you know that right?"

"Yeah, and that's exactly what I meant to do," his grinning made me even more furious. How can he find me funny?

"Nil, behave yourself. You have messed enough," Mom said sternly as she organized the plates. I knew she was angry because of what I did but behave myself, for him, huh.

As soon as we started eating mom asked, "So troy, who else is in your family?"

He looked up and replied, "Me..., My Dad-"

"What about your mom? I would like to meet HER, she raised a good son," excuse me WHAT??!! 

"Umm.... she...." He suddenly stiffened, "She died," hmm.... o_o

"Oh! I am so sorry. I shouldn't have-" Mom said awkwardly, yeah.. mom, you should keep your mouth a little closed,

"It's alright ma'am. It was a long time ago, I don't even remember now" MA'AM!!!  aww.... look how goodie goodie he is,

That is just a glimpse of how the dinner went, believe me it was a nightmare. He, mom and Dan talking, and I grumbling like a pig the whole time. I couldn't even utter a word, after all my mannerful mom was there. Only I know how I listened to all his crap about his father and how he leaves alone in the 'Walker Villa'. Villa my foot, but the worst part has got to be when, after all the farewell, and goodbyes, and tata, my mom came in my room and said, "Such a nice boy. How come you not like him?"

Oh yeah mom, when that cute ma'am speaking snake will pour the soda on your head then you will realize how great a guy he IS.

"Yeah, why don't you adopt him and make him your son," I retorted while tossing and turning in my bed.

She giggled, "Nah... I am thinking of son in law,"

"What?! Great!! I won't be able to even sleep now," I shouted as she closed the doors. I threw the covers on the floor in anger and sat up.

I could still hear her laughing in the hallway and surprisingly even I was thinking about him, but not like 'him' him, just him. Actually the way he stated about his mother made me a little curious. He was way too direct and I don't know... a little emotionless maybe.

"Time to work, my Nancy Drew mind," The next day was Saturday and normally it should be a weekend but NO. Miss B was just going crazy. Even on Saturday she asked us to come to school, but thankfully not at the usual timing. We had to reach school by 11 am.

"Nil, get up," Mom said removing the covers, "you have to go for rehearsals, remember. Come on sleepyhead!" and with that she started tickling me.

"STOP mom!! God," I groaned and slothfully got up, "Why the hell that Rachel had to tell me. Ugh, I left early; I could have easily escaped but no," I yawned and climbed out of bed, "she had to tell me,"

"Freshen up quickly, I am going to make breakfast," Mom went downstairs and I marched towards Bathroom. As I was brushing my teeth last night flashed in my mind, "Oh yes!!" I quickly finished and rushed to my bedroom.

I pulled my laptop out and switched it on. As soon as Google appeared I typed 'TROY WALKER' and waited for the results to come.

After few seconds around 35 results came on my screen but mostly about Richard Walker, his businessman dad who was apparently quite big. I searched for a while but there was nothing about his mom, nowhere even mentioned.

"What are you doing?" A voice came and I almost had a heart attack. I know I am exaggerating but hey, I searching about him, that is not how I wanna be found.

I quickly closed it and looked up. Sam was standing behind me with a frown on his face.

I cleared my throat, "Nothing,"

"Why were you looking for Richard Branson?" What a smart brother I have got...

"What?! Oh.. I was just... wiking about... Virgin records, Virgin Atlantic-" I sounded stupid but that was all what came in my mind.

"U-Uh, I have no interest in listening to that crap, but what the hell is WIKING," He looked utterly confused. I smiled and scratched my head, "Now, who will say 'I am doing a quick search, especially in Wikipedia', just wiking bro,"

"God, at least say wikipeding or something,"

"Hey, I said especially not necessarily. Wiki means Quick so I thought quick searching.. wiki searching.. wiki-ing, simple,"

"And that is what I call rapinglish," He raised his brows, "Raping English,"

"Whatever," I scowled, "Why were you here?"

"Oh I forgot, mom is calling you, and it's already quarter past ten so better hurry," He said and went out.

As he closed the door behind him I breathed, "Thank god!"  I was wondering if they can put one man on the moon, why can't they put them all there? To all the readers who want a little romance :-

For a girl who absolutely doesn't believe in love, it is very difficult to fall quickly, you know. I am just trying to be realistic here but don't worry. Romance WILL come and like I said, "sooner than you think" :P :) :D

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