I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


26. Friends, they do brighten your day... or do they?!!

Am I... Is this... seriously! My shoulder fell down and my mind froze for a second. What do I do now?!

Should I stay, no-no-no I think I should definitely run, yepp, run for your life Nil... or wait, maybe act like I don't care, who gives a shit about him anyway, hah... not me. I should stay, I'm not afraid of him... or even scared that he'll bring out 'the call'. Nah, I'm not... I am not, right?

My mind kept arguing as my eyes stayed glued... to him, who else. That bloody boy stood just ten feet away from me, in his dark green shirt, high-fiving his long-lost bitches and I was just stuck, stuck in one of those moments where I couldn't seem to figure out the emotion that was surging inside. Have you ever visited one of dose seconds... well, if you haven't, I would strongly suggest don't even dare!! It's so confusing... ugh, boys are so confusing.

So many damn feelings bursting and colliding with each other in a single moment that it all gets muddled, dude my head felt like spinning. Was I happy, was I sad, was I angry or was I pleased... I didn't know, the only thing that was absolutely clear in my head was that he was here, finally back.

For a minute everything seemed to pause, I couldn't hear anything, couldn't understand anything, I was just... watching, with my mouth wide open which I realized only when Rachel put her filthy rotten pen in my mouth, and then Dan says why do I complain of being surrounded by idiots.

"Ugh... eew, Kkhakh... are you out of your mind?"

"No... but you definitely are out of your mouth." Man, why can't she stop giggling for even a second, "Look at you.. All drooling over someone!!"

"Oh hello, I'm not drooling over anyone, at the least for him, huh." I scoffed and taking long strides, almost ran away from there.

Stuffing my books in my locker I was cursing the moment I decided to call him, I mean what would have I known that he will come back, I thought he would... maybe die somewhere!! As soon as I put the last one in I heard Michelle and turned around, but before I could even get a glimpse of her someone walked pass me, bumping his shoulders hard into mine.

"Aao... What the..." I was about to shout, but gulped the rest when saw who he was, "Never mind."

"Rude!!" Michelle frowned, staring at his back, "Didn't even look at you, what has gotten into him?"

"Maybe some senses..." I replied dryly.

"He seems changed since he has come, all surrounded by the mighties." She scoffed seeing Jazzly and her platoon near him, "Anyway.... HUG!!" She suddenly squealed and almost choked me in her embrace, "Aw... missed you, and you're not so girly body!!"

"Excuse me," I spoke hitting her in the stomach, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing..." She giggled, taking my hand and pulling me, "Let's go, Mr. Smith would be waiting for you... Nil, why are you so late, you know you must concentrate on your studies, don't start acting like your stupid friends... freako... calls me stupid in front of me!!" And that just brought my long-lost laughter. The corridor filled with our sound of joy as she went raving about him, and I giving the finishing touch.

Friends, they do brighten your day... or do they?!!

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