I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


8. Fight

This play is going to be slightly different than the novel," Miss B said, "I felt like the novel lacked something, needed more....... intensity, so I have done some changes and hopefully you will like it," She was telling us about the play and I was glad to know that there were some changes in the play, but I don't think Troy was anywhere even near to the G of gladness.

He was continuously either scratching his head or staring me like he wanna eat me or something. His face red, eyes bugged out and the lines decorating his forehead, I was really enjoying it.

After sometimes when he finally realized that nothing can happen now, and none of his tricks will work, he turned around and pointed a finger at me, "You have no Idea who you are messing with?"

"Well I DO," I smiled victoriously, "and that’s you,"

"You are so dead, LITTLE miss perfect,"

What? Did he just taunted on my height, and I am not even that little...... maybe a little little, but not that little, urghhhh

"I know this from the first day that you are blind, but let me tell you something," I growled.

"Here.. she goes... again,"

"You know what shithead," I gritted, "I might be little, but the nail marks I'll leave on your face, that will not be anywhere even NEAR to little,"

He narrowed his eyes, "Sam has given you very wrong name. You are not a mouse.... they actually can be cute sometimes," He stated as a matter of factly and I frowned. "You.. are... a CAT, a hazel eyed cat whose sole purpose is to bite me," He shouted irritatingly. He actually said the 'is to bite me' part so quickly that it took me few minutes just to get what he was saying.

When I finally got it, I hissed, "Well well well, now you know me," and turned around to listen to Miss B. She was still going on about the changes but the only change I wanted was this moron to be thrown out of the play.

"So I have already chosen the leads but there is still some casting to do and I will decide it later. You will be able to see the complete list tomorrow morning,"

Actually there was one more thing that I wanted, just one, and that was some changes to the character of Fanny. I didn’t like a timid, shy and sensitive type of person, even though Mollie was pretty much all of it and I loved her, it’s just I couldn’t imagine myself being like that.

The bell rang as she finished and everyone hurried to go out, "Remember, the practice will start from tomorrow,"

"So don’t be late guys," yeah... what about yourself Bee, I mean... Miss B. But she does sting sometimes. I mean I couldn't even imagine myself being in a play with Troy, ugh but thank god he was not playing Edmund. I would 

"Hey Nil, have you talked to Rachel," Nate asked me as soon as we got out.

"No," I looked at him questioningly, "why?" We were slowly walking down the hall and I was waiting for his reply. He was quiet for few minutes and I got the time to check him out. In clothing as simple as White shirt and blue jeans, he was looking.... gorgeous if I must say. Every single person standing there was sort of looking at us. I walking with a boy, normally; without any fighting was just not a usual sight, but I don’t think that was the reason of THOSE stares, you know what I mean.

"Umm..." I snapped my head to look to my right. Man, I forgot Nate was there. Got too... busy in making fun of those girls but come on, Vanishment of those flirty smiles from their painted lips as soon as they saw me beside him, god it was way too funny.

He was quiet again so I asked, "What?"

"I think it will be better if SHE tells you," He looked kinda tensed, "You better go and talk to her," "Okay," What does he mean, "Anyway, see you later," I waved bye and turned around.

Why was he so tensed.... What happened?

"Hey," Someone hit my head lightly, "What are YOU thinking about?" And she was Michelle.

"Umm…. nothing," I shrugged and put my arms across her neck, "Oh, you know what happened in Miss B’s class-"

"Something….. related to Troy," She raised her amused eyebrows and I snapped, "Do you wanna know or not,"

"Oh yes, yes, definitely," She chuckled, "go ahead,"

I started telling her all the juicy details and she was giggling the whole time. We were making our way to cafeteria when I noticed Rachel and Brian. They were standing at the corner of block A and looked like arguing.

"Do you know anything about Rachel?" I abruptly asked Mollie.

"No why; something happened?"

"I don't know. I thought they were going strong," I was still looking at Rachel and she looked like she was about to cry. I ran towards them and Mollie followed me. "Rachel, you alright," I glared Brian, "What did you do?"

"Nothing," He griped, "Why would I do anything?" He looked at Rachel who was starring down at her feet and said, "Talk to you later Rachel,"

As I saw him going I grimaced, "Did he do something?"

"No-" Sarah mumbled, "Not him,"

"Then who?" I questioned. She was looking hurt and that was making me really angry.

"I will tell you, but you will have to promise me something,"

"What?" I huffed. "If I tell you, promise me you won’t do anything-," She looked at me, "stupid,"

"You tell me or someone else WILL," "Can’t you just promise me for once?" She closed her eyes, "Nil, I don’t want any more trouble, I am already-"

"Fine! Now tell me," I said impatiently.

She started telling us about what Alex did. She was almost crying when she finished telling everything that happened earlier and that made my blood boil. How dare he threaten her?

"He wanna meet your savior, huh," I searched for him in the field and found him standing by his car with his friends, "well he WILL now,"

His gaze shifted at me as I started walking towards him. "Nil, NO!!" Rachel quickly grabbed my hands, "you promised,"

"I just wanna talk to him," I said while releasing my hand, but that was an absolute lie. I actually had every intention of hitting him, and hitting him so hard that even his mother would have felt the pain.

As I went closer to him I asked, "You were looking for her savior, right?"

"Well here she is and this is what she wants to give you," I balled my hand into a fist and raised my hand to leave a permanent mark on his face. I saw the anger in his eyes and I knew there will be some consequences I will have to face but hey, he deserved it. I was about to punch his face

BUT..... someone held me back.

"Who the HELL," I roared and turned around, to see Sam. He was standing there holding me firmly and looking quite angry. "Let...me....GO," I growled.

"Let me gooooooooooo!!!" I really wanted to beat that horrible thing.

I wriggled, trying to be free from his grip. I yanked his hands off and sprung at Alex, again. Before I could dig my nails in his face, Sam quickly grabbed me by my waist, and this time he was holding me pretty tightly.

"Stay away from her or I will kill YOU," I tried to grab his shirt while Sam was pulling me away. "Sorry buddy," I heard him saying to Alex while I was fuming, and begging him to let me go. How can he say that? "And YOU, you come with me" He said in an angrily and started pulling me away from him. I was wiggling the whole time.

He brought me back to where Rachel and Mollie were standing, looking quite scared.

He left my hand and shouted, "Are you out of your mind," "What the hell were you doing?"

"Teaching him what his mother should have taught," I snarled.

"But you are not his MOTHER. Do you have any Idea what he could have done?"

"And do YOU have any idea what he already did to Rachel?" I retorted.

He looked at Rachel who was now crying, and sighed, "No, I don’t, but hitting someone cannot be a solution, Nil. It will only create more problems,"

"He is right, Nil. He will get angrier and-," Mollie added.

"Whatever," I shrugged and turned around leaving the three of the geniuses there. Sam’s POV

"Whatever," Nil shrugged and went away. I don’t understand when she will grow up. She always act like this angry child ready to break someone’s jaw. I don't think she understands how messy Boys can get sometimes.

As she left, I turned towards Rachel and asked, "What happened?" "Rach, calm down," Tears were rolling down her face and I didn’t like it. It sort of... hurt. I have always seen her happy and cheerful, maybe that’s why I felt what I felt, but what exactly did I feel? I don't know.... I just knew that she shouldn’t be crying, and that’s it, I guess.

"Hey," I looked at her, "We are WITH you, you know that right?" She nodded her head like a child and even though it was not exactly the right thing to do, I couldn't control and a smile took over my face. I clearly got that she didn’t like it, because she was then staring at me with her big blue eyes in a not so nice way.

"Sorry," I mumbled and looked away from her, "do YOU know anything," I asked Mollie.

"It's Alex. He.........

She told me everything and then I realized why Nil was so angry. Maybe I would have done the same thing if-

"My god rachel," Brian butted in, "What happened this time?".

"Wait a sec," I scowled, "Where were you when that bloody Alex was threatening her?"

"I had class you know,"

"Same as her, wasn’t it?" I stared at him.

"Why are you crying, baby?" He asked Rachel ignoring me, "Did he do something again,"

Baby, my foot......... He is such an idiot, and no doubt a very good actor.

"Whatever, take care Sarah," I couldn’t bear him any longer. "Later," I coldly said to him and turned around to say bye to Michelle. I saw her smiling a little.

"What?" I puckered my brows.

"Oh...Nothing-," She looked down but I am pretty sure she was still smiling. I heard her mumbling, "at least not yet,"

And THAT left me utterly perplexed.


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