I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


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I frowned as I saw him snickering. I followed his gaze and my whole body shivered, not because of that cold stupid soda but because I just realized that the conservative kinda top I was wearing was actually not THAT conservative when it got wet. Even though I was not all wet still my black bra line was clearly visible under my turquoise colored top.

I know what you must be thinking, why the hell she wore a black bra under turquoise top but like I already told you I am not a matchy matchy and other than that, nobody actually ever sees what I wear underneath so why should I? Except this time of course, when it was all out in open, shit!!

I quickly grabbed the fabric and pulled it away from my skin. I looked up and found everybody looking at me. I knew he expected me to be embarrassed and all but the truth was that I was NOT. I was ANGRY, but not embarrassed. I mean there are girls like Olivia in this world, and this little show off was nothing in front of her sexxxy dresses. AND I am not the kind of girl who will cry and run away. I am the kind who will look up, take her friends ice cream and dump it over the jerk’s head and that, was exactly what I did.

"God dammit," he breathed and jumped off. He hopped around as the ice-cream ran down his face and into his T-shirt. Gosh you should have seen him.

"Idiot," I thought and turned towards open mouthed Rachel, "Sorry for the ice cream," I grabbed my bag and made my way out leaving the dancing monkey and all the other stupid students there, who forgot about me and were now gaping at him.

This is why I don’t care about what people think. Their thinking change way too quickly. One second I, was the joker for them the other second, him. I took an early leave from school and mom drove me home. For some reason, she didn’t go to work that day. I asked her why but she didn’t tell.

As we were driving home, she was continuously asking me, "What happened? What happened," and the only word that was coming out of my mouth was, "Nothing, nothing," I didn’t want to tense her. She already had enough things to worry about and I didn’t want to be one of them, even though I was quite sure that Dan WILL open his mouth.

We finally reached home sweet home and as soon as mom unlocked the door, I trudged upstairs and went straight to my bedroom. I threw my bag on the bed and went into the bathroom. I took a shower trying to calm myself down.

When I came out, I was feeling better. Taking my iPod, I searched the playlist and played the song ‘winning women’ by Rihanna. After going through my wardrobe I decided to wear a skinny jeans and a black tank top with the print ‘REBEL’ on it.

"Nil... Nil!!" mom was calling so I went downstairs, "yes motha,"

"What’s wrong?" She frowned when she saw me wearing my favourite fighting top.

"Nothing," I dodged the question, "Can I get something to eat, I am really hungry,"

"Nothing is your favorite word, isn’t it?"

"NO!! Shame you don't even know your daughter's favorite word. It’s actually HELL and… WELL, rhyming right?" I said trying to divert her. She just shook her head and went in the kitchen to make pancakes for me. Well atleast she knows I love pancakes, especially Blueberry pancake. It’s so….. yummy.

"So you are not going to tell me what happened," she peered at me with a suspenseful look in her eyes. "Mom, it’s nothing," I chuckled at her perseverance, "and whatever it is, believe me I can handle," I rounded my arms on her shoulder, "You have raised a strong daughter, you know that don’t you?"

She giggled, "I have raised a stubborn daughter and THAT’S what I know,"

"Uh, Its Troy mom, happy," I smiled again, "and you call me stubborn? Hah, go look in the mirror," She came to sit with me while I ate but as she was not feeling well, I asked her to go in her room and take rest. I finished eating, washed the dishes and went upstairs to her room but found her sleeping. After putting covers on top of her, I slowly closed the door and went to my room. I lay down on my bed and within few seconds found myself going in the arms of slumber. The night is very gloomy, very dark and I can’t see anything. Even the moon is hiding behind the clouds like he is scared. I am hanging in the air with my feet barely on the edge and wrist in his hand but he is not doing anything. He is just…. standing there, looking at me like a shadow in the dark. I am trying to see his face but it is too obscure. A thunder roar in the sky and I shift my gaze up. I think a storm is approaching. Suddenly I feel his hand moving and I turn to look at him.

I think he is going to pull me up; thank god he is going to pull me up. I can’ stand this for long.

Wait, NO

OMG!!! He is loosening his grip.

I start breathing heavily. I feel my stomach scrunching up and sweat appears on my temple as I think, "what will happen IF-" My heart sinks as I look down, uh.. it’s hundreds of feet. I am feeling him loosening but I can’t do anything. I try to reach him but he is far, way too far

Oh god I am going to fall… uh

Ding dong……….., ding dong

I woke up with a jerk, "MAN!!!"

"Mum! Mum!!!" I shouted but no one replied. I took a pillow and placed it over my ear.

Ding dong....

"Somebody open the damm door" I hid my face under covers.

Ding dong, ding dong..........

"Dammit!!!" I threw my covers on the floor angrily, "I can’t even sleep here-"

Ding dong....

"COMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING," I shouted on top of my lungs, "World is full of brainies," I climbed out of bed cursing whoever he was, yawned and went downstairs slothfully.

"MUM, Sam," I called, "Where are they?" I realized they must have gone to Tesco. Mum WAS talking about cooking something I don't remember. Finally I opened the door and thankfully whoever I cursed was exactly the person who truly deserved it, Troy.

"What the hell YOU doing here," I gritted.

"Where is Sam?" He asked irritatingly.

"In my pocket," I snarled and shut the door in his face.

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