I am just different

Why nobody does accepts the fact that there can be a girl who doesn’t believe in love. Well there can be one and that’s me.


22. And his lips silenced me...

Whenever that crackhead opened his mouth, I used to end up gaping, and how can that not happen this time. As soon as those words left his lips, my hazel eyes widened in surprise.

Hardly a foot away, this green-eyed boy was standing, staring down at me and daring to utter the words I was sure of hating. My mind refused to accept that he could say something like that, but HE just had to prove me wrong.

Keeping his eyes fixed at me he repeated, Just a kiss... And right then I blanked. Did I hear right? Did he really just say he wants to... oh crap!!

No no, My ear must be buzzing. Yeah, that'll be IT.... Or maybe this is one of those crazy dreams.. and I am just sleeping. I'll wake up and everything will be gone, nothing, fffushhh, blanka, Coz this can't be reality.

This just has to be a nightmare.

He can't say THAT. I mean please, why in the world he will want to kiss... ME, of all of his enemies. That's absurd. Okay god, if it's really a dream, please wake me up, like now... I'm waiting... still issss... Oh come on! Boy, he is really leaning!!

You know what, if you wake me right now, I'll never.... use the F word, ever, promise. What?! Hey! I'm not trying to give you an uneven deal okay. I mean in this world full of filthy words, not saying it WILL be a big deal and I know that it's against your rules. So I swear I won't- you know what, just wake me dammit!

Fuck you Nil, you are not sleeping, uh-oh. Uhm sorry... I guess!! But wait, you didn't help me out... yes you didn't, so deal broken dude, now chill in heaven.

Now, Nil concentrate, you are NOT sleeping and he really IS standing in front of you. Hmm, calm down, and think. Focus Nil, focus... focus my ass!! Just find a place to hide, but where? wait a sec, Why am I hyperventilating?!

May be he is just... kidding, oh yeah!! He doesn't have the guts, or strong enough jaws for my punches as a matter of fact so hah, he'll never dare. My eyes sparkled at the thought and I stared back in his stone-cold eyes, trying to scare me eh! and made mine stern too, "If this is just to get me say that it was better than fine then it won't work," I chewed my words, "doofus,"

"Really?!" He said, almost inaudibly, "Let's see then... twiggy," and started leaning. A sudden tenseness flashed on my face making the corners of his lips twitch and I boiled, "Why am I even keeping up with it?"

I tried to slide from the side, but he quickly blocked it. The back side of the lift was standing firmly on my other side and I knew I had nowhere to go. Exhaling heavily, I wiped the sweats that started to appear on my forehead, cursing inside Why do 'I' always get in these kinds of situations?

His tall figure was towering me and I was feeling a bit... helpless, like a bird captured in the cage. Same restlessness, same anxiety and the same confusion of not knowing what's going to happen next. With every passing second, he was coming closer and I just stood there, still. Don't know why but deep in my heart, I still believed he wouldn't do it.

If I've known him right all these time, he is not the kind of guy to cross his limits. He never had, and I could just hope he never will...

But like they say, you can't take a chance, And with him, no way girls!!

Trying once more to stare him away, I gathered my strength and raised my eyes up. Seeing the anger in my eyes, he suddenly stopped. Without wasting a second, I pushed him away, kicked him in the balls and placed a solid punch on his face. He stumbled backwards and I marched. Spitting on his face, I started punching his stomach, punch punch punch punch...

And do you really think that happened?! Huh, considering my past image obviously you will think that, but you know what, no, it didn't, and it kills me every time I think about it. So maybe after writing this chapter I'll go and jump off the cliff.

But I've got a better idea. Why not I kidnap HIM, bring to the school laboratory, put him in the can of H2SO4, and then place it on fire!!

Well, whatever I choose is a matter of future and maybe after all that, I'll be hanged till death, so let me just finish what I was telling you right now.

All my hopes of he will get scared and back off ffushhhhed the second my eyes met his. That scary and hairy face of him was much closer than it should have. For a second I panicked and tried to pull away, but then quickly calmed myself, "He is just playing with you; just playing with you,"

The smell of his musky Deo made the air heavy as we stared at each other, my heart starting to pace, my palm clamming up. Even then I very well knew he was just trying to get me say it, but I'm not the one to kneel down so easily, am I?

I stared back resolutely as his face neared, inch by inch. As if he was also determined to break me, he kept coming closer and closer... and closer. As he neared, it started to become difficult for me to keep looking at his face. He was too close, and I had to remove my eyes. Blinking frantically, I looked away and now could only feel him coming.

Suddenly his cold breath brushed across my cheek and I snapped, every single sinew of my body tensioning. I was taken aback with the nearness of us and how penetratingly close he was of me. I quickly jerked back and for a moment he paused, his bluish eyes gazing down into mine, when all of a sudden with a jolt, the lift touched the ground,

"What the -" And before I could utter another word, his lips silenced me...

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