CAPTIVE...the other face of love

this poem is how extreme love can be that it can make you hurt and helpless.


1. captive

There is so much i owe you, don't know if there is any way i can pay you.

i don't care how things work, i don't care how to go straight.

i don't have ego, i don't have pride.

all that i had i already gave it to you;

and still there is so much i owe you.

my love and my hatred

my smiles and my tears 

all is for you. just if you can take them right here.

i have a few emotions to give you and a soul though not as pure.

tell me what more you want and please let me pay you back.

stop doing favors. i cant take it anymore. the way your love overpowers me and i desire for more.

it become a drug which makes me want you more.

your being at peace disturbs me, i am stubborn and agitated but you never mind.

you are my fantasy you are my real world.

please leave me, please stopit.

sometimes i want to hurt you and see you in pain. 

i don't know what it is and why but sometimes i want to exploit you.

and i know you will let me because that's how you control me.

i am allowed so much that i fear being free.

and you guard me. don't do it. i want out but i know i can't stay away from you.

there is nothing that can satisfy me, i just keep wanting.

this thirst won't quench, you won't let it.

you serve more than i ask for.

i am afraid where is it going to end...

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