Under the Mistletoe - A Justin Bieber Story

Inspired by the new Justin Bieber Christmas Album - Under the Mistletoe


3. Oh dear

I must have been lying there a few seconds. Not too long because I managed to regain consciousness just as everyone was still crowding around me. I realised where I was and I had remembered what had just happened. I wanted to go home. Thats all I could think about. I need to leave now, and for everyone to forget about the girl in the silly jumper, slipping over and knocking herself out in the entrance to the kitchen. But all I could think about was that silly 15minute walk I would have to do, it would feel like forever before I got home! Stupid walking family, I needed to disappear now. My eyes were opening and closing slowly, and my vision was slightly blurred. It was frustrating me that I could revive faster and show everyone that I was ok and that we could carry on with the party and I could slip away back home while no one was looking. But I couldn’t get up. Finally, I heard a voice,

“Adriana, Adriana.” I caught the face of the voice, it was Justin. He was kneeling over me and supporting the back of my head. “Try and look at me. Try and say something.” I managed to focus on him. I say managed, but really I couldn’t tear my eyes from him. He was so gorgeous to look at. I smiled and heard my voice, as though it was in the distance, say, “Hi.” I sounded like such a floozy, but I didn’t care. There was an excuse to sound like floozy now.

“Adriana, do you know where you are?” he said to me. I nodded.“Whats your favorite colour?” I didn’t even hesitate with my response, “Purple.” He started to laugh at me, “Mine  too.” He held my head longer, people could see that I was fine and most went back to what they were doing. He then placed one hand on the back on my neck, it felt so warm and comforting there. I would have liked for it to have lingered longer. He then grabbed my hand and help me up and we stood quite close in the thin door frame. I was feeling much better now. I wasn’t too dizzy at all.

He started to laugh again, I didn’t get it. Did I look stupid? Was my hair all over the place? He could see I was confused and pointed up. Above us, hanging in the door frame with a little red ribbon wrapped around it was a small twig of mistletoe. I laughed, thinking that would be the end of it and that finally we might be able to get something to eat. But our eyes caught, and stayed there an extra second. A handsome brown eyed boy standing before me. Once again, he put his had under my hair and held the back of my neck and there we shared a Christmas kiss, Under the Mistletoe.

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