My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


17. You and I

Remember how we laid on the grass

Looking for shapes in every present cloud?

The night sky was purple and the moon brass

To be there for you, always, I vowed


And as the sun painted the horizon amber

As weightless as the moment, your hand rested on mine

Light swept across the grey and livened it with colour

Morning mist created the mirage as our fates decided to intertwine


Fairy godmother waved her magic wand and as prince charming you played your part

Pinch my arm because I believe in our happily ever after

A small squeeze from your hand, a huge leap for my heart

Your eyes keep me warm and your smile keeps my head above water


We graffittied our passion on the walls of hope

We splattered our future on the canvas of tomorrow

We learnt to lean on each other when we couldn't cope

We nursed one another after every tear and blow


The emerald reflection of the sea

Was as soothing as your voice in my ear

We embraced on a golden carpet of intimacy

And found joy in love and its idea


For you were mine and I yours

And hand in hand we battled hell's lovelorn jaws

For I was yours and you mine

And hand in hand we needed search no longer for a fateful sign


Our time on earth was shortlived

But we stepped into heaven before death found us

The joy you gave me was a loss that could not be grieved

For there was no regret, only eternal memories of this happiness


I thank you for your company

And I beg you not to worry

Our love does not belong in the lost and found

It needed to be freed for it suffered trapped and bound


This is that goodbye

We shake hands

As we demote one another to friends

This is that goodbye...

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