My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


30. The Skeleton

They took away his things

All his possessions, his belongings...

The roof above his head, 

The duvet on his bed..

Even the rotten food in his bin.

They wanted to leave him - skeleton without a skin


They hung him out to dry 

Beat him up until he could not longer cry 

Dead man hanging

Soon, vultures will come prying

It's dead in the alleyway

At least until the rats come out to play 


Riches to rags, is such a clichee

He a 'beggee' having turned into a beggar

Change used to go from his wallet to another's cup

Now from strangers' hands into his pocket they drop

A tip for the waitress at the nearby diner

Now enough for today's and tomorrow's dinner


There's an auction up in heaven

'A smile for the skeleton?'

'A smile for the skeleton?', they say 

Angels, gods and saints...they all look away 

As down on the forsaken street

The skeleton, oblivious, rubs his feet.

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