My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


18. The March

She worries so she goes for a walk 

Alone, because she doesn't want to talk

She marches aimlessly, yet at a heightened pace

As if her thumping heart and restless legs have entered a race


But this stroll is not enough, she needs to run away

Quicker, quicker, QUICKER!! Those worries lead her astray

The walk turns into a marathon and then into a sprint

Oh, it's too much, overload of the mind, secure it with a splint!


But the world is round

To run in a circle, she was bound

She stopped breathless

She cried, tearless


The blur of the scenery came to a stanstill

All the was like having reached the top of a molehill

Nothing had changed, nothing had disappeared

Where was the point, when she still feared?


But there are always ups and downs

And in between smiles, there are always frowns

To go down the slide, you first have to climb up

You have to know life at the bottom to appreciate it at the top




She started walking again

She blinked and was zen

Comfort in silence, her neighbourhood a completely different place

No weight on her conscience, no worry lines upon her face


She attempted a smile

Shrieked in delight, as it quivered upon her lips for a while

Again, a change in pace

An urge to race


But, no, not running away

This was not a moment of dismay

She saw her answers and chased them home

She confronted her blunders and watched them dissolve as foam


It's just the way you look at things

Even the Devil has a pair of wings

Even Santa had his name on the Naughty List

Even God clenched his fist


So when you're in trouble

Don't let your world crumble

Turn your head at an angle

And maybe those knots will disentangle








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