My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


27. The Cure

Crestfallen, she slumped to the floor

Heartbroken, he froze by the door

They both hoped that this was just a phase

They both believed it by the intensity of their gaze

Maybe..just maybe...


Then, he turned his face away

Hurting was less painful than hoping

How could he have led her so far astray?

Hers was a heart that was perpetually breaking

Head hung, he closed the door on her...


A love story that they had rushed into

A whirlwind romance that had left them blue

She wanted so much more

He had given so much he was raw

'Sorry', she whispered as his footsteps died away...


How did lust turn into love?

How did her hand fit so well in his glove?

So many pages had been ripped

So many chapters skipped

Because they had wanted to rush to the end

Because they had failed to understand...


Love, it leaves a stronger imprint with time

To race through it would be a crime

To label a heart is to take its freedom 

The tags, they will random know is to be sure

And to trust, that...that is the cure.






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