My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


19. The Bedtime Story



And we get back to this age-old clichée

Boys, they all just end up being the same

Expectations have become a thing du passé

And my disappointment in the gender I have come to disclaim


It's this stone-age story

Boy meets girl, boy gets lucky

A one night stand if you will

And neither, their digits quite willing to spill


It was a night of marvel and wonder

Filled with countless moans and tremour

An intimacy, many a couple would die for

A rarity in itself as the reality bubble hits the floor


Oh, to and fro, a perfect harmony

So tangled up they become one entity

With the fast-paced rhythm,

It was a sought for unison


The breathless panting

The soundless ecstasy

The effortless grinding

Both, at the other's mercy 


Then amidst this liason

Boy grunts out a desire for a relation

'I really like you, you're not like any other girl

God, you're so sexy, you rock my world'


As he probes harder in

He chooses to further his sin

'Do you like me?' He whispers close

'Will I see you again?' while he gets Girl on all fours


So once, at least one of the parties, satisfied,

Whilst grovelling for lost items of clothes

Girl waits for Boy to ask for her number,as he lies by her side,

Only to hide that disappointment in her pillows


Ah don't get me wrong, girls are just as bad

All this coyness and feigned self-respect?

[Huh] Our vaginas are really not that ironclad

We use our virtue and plot to turn some part of you erect


But...Our disappointment does not lie in the coitus

To claim so would expressedly make us a hypocrite

Our sadness comes from those pleasantries so spurious

All those flatteries and promises that men deem excrete


So, please do fuck us

But while you do so, focus

Only speak to let us know you're coming

And don't lie and fake interest while humping













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