My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


20. Plea from the Obsessed to the Arrogant

You are God's prized creation 

You, only, can save me from damnation 

For, when I am in you 

It's only goodness that seeps in through


You are the definition of elegance

You have an entitled arrogance

I cannot but worship your condescension

For I can only be honoured by your attention 


I shall kneel by your bedside

I shall attend to your every desire

Flog me for your vulnerability I have eyed

Order me, own me, you are my empire


You are my shelter

My bread and water

You are my purpose

The direction of my compass


So, when I reach to strangle you

Or lunge out  to punch you 

Know that it's from the deepest of affection 

Understand that our bond I only wish to strengthen


For only I can see your beauty 

And appreciate it to its full extent

Oh, my darling, can you not see?

Why resist a love that is so clearly meant?


Those cuts and bruises, they are for your own sake

Comprehend that this love will endure and never break

With your arrogance I have come to grips

As you constantly turn away from my lips


For long, I have coveted you 

How we ended up together is not the issue

But if you admit that you love me

I promise to untie you and set you free















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