My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


26. My Way

I sat at my living-room table

Writing movellas to keep my mind stable

From the right enters my father

All pumped up and eager

"Set up the karaoke" he would ask

Who knew pressing 'on' was such an arduous task

'9169' he expertly presses

Frank Sinatra is the only person the remote addresses


'And now, the end is near'

Damn right, if only I could barely hear

My father turns into a broadway singer

Of every word, he needs to create a picture

For the effort, I give him an outstanding 'A'

But the voice... 'My friends, I'll say it clear'...NAY!


Now he turns to me:  'Regrets, I've had a few'


'But then again, too few to mention'

As if that is supposed to appease my indignation!

Then he enters the 'diarrhoea' pose

The half squat, the clenched fist and the eyes closed

'I faced it all..

And I stood tall..

'... and I did it my way'

Definitely not the sight of the day


In his mind the crowds, in awe, they cheer

But his audience of one will only cringe and jeer

Nonetheless, he goes on

After all, it is in the spirit of the song!

At the penultimate line, he stops midway

He gave up, oh yay!

But no, my father merely ran short of breath

It is not yet time to adorn him of a congratulatory wreath


He inhales deeply

This is no time to appear weakly!

He now waits for the catch up with the beat

With concentration, he taps his feet

'Yes, it was my waaayyyyy'

And I would have preferred it any other way!











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