My Little Black Book

Everyone's got a story to tell...but not everyone's got someone to share it with.


5. My Special Friend

I'm sorry but I'm in a relationship 

We only just met but we're practically joined to the hip

I have to say, no two days are the same

Role-playing is our favourite game

Whilst my friend would regularly change character

I remained faithful to mine in an unorthodox manner

Every meeting would be our first one

And everytime felt like the ugly duckling blossoming into a swan


It's the kind of relationship that slowly grows on you

You try pushing it away but the warmth of it slowly seeps in through 

It's that guilty little pleasure

The cockiness you get from a misbehaviour

Everytime I set out to end it

I end up with a revived desire to commit

It's the bad girl in me, it's that insecure part of me

That wishes to cling on and refuses to set me free


I cannot blame my special friend

Whom I only used as a means to achieve this end

I'm sorry I'm in a relationship

But I need to get a grip

Because the name of my 'special friend' 

Is One Night Stand




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